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While normal service will resume on Sunday, check out these two Zapping related posts in the meantime...

By popular demand (2 people) I have started my holiday diaries - i first started documenting dazpants and mine vacations back in May 2004. I always seemed to forget so much of the fun stuff so i started a meticulous diary. We really value our holidays (usually 3-4 a year) so there should be enough material to keep going for a while :) Start reading here!!

Remember my short lived Big Brother 7 blog? Well that is where i have been trialling fab guest writer Pinkie Dusts "Little Mermaid" post. Its a great read so get on over there and don't forget to leave him some love....

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  1. Ruth said...
    Good evening! Holiday diary is a great idea and fun to read - as always! :)
    I cried so much at the first episode of second season of Grey's Anatomy! :( was so sad!
    Apart from that trauma I am on a high today (despite only having 4 hours sleep) after such a fun night out!! thanks for being host! :) xxx

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