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Let's talk about Darren. I think I picked quite well there - not only is he home from holiday, but he is an excellent, excellent spooner, has slimmed down brilliantly (not that he needed to) and the most supportive guy a mo could ever want. So all in all, still waking up every morning thinking "yay - this stud next to me picked me. ME!" So hands off you vultures ;) But anyway, down to business...i have already edited this post somewhat massively and it is still way too long. Oh well. There may be two posts a day this week on a couple of days - my normal rambling rubbish and one of my 20 best boybands/groups/singers lists...Today we are focusing on singers and groups who all have an affiliation with the I Should Be So Lucky studios. On with the show...

Lockdown caught my eye (literally, with their umbrellas) a while ago when i was doing my little piece on boybands. As eager as I am for a new boyband, I am equally eager for someone to fill the void left when Steps disbanded that fateful boxing day in 2001... Lockdown formed from the remnants of a failed boyband and main vocalists Rob and Chris recruited their dancer girls from college to form a new super pop group. The boys tend to take the musical lead, although the lasses seem equally vocally capable and the result is a perfectly poppy scintillating selection of chart bound tunes that will put a smile on your face and bounce in your step. And that's what pop should do - sound effortless, be enjoyable and make you want to listen to it more and more. Try their cover of Alice Cooper's Poison - rock goes electro and the perfect companion to Jamelia's Beware Of The Dog in the charts... or You've Got It, a bouncealong singalong tune with multi layered harmonies in the chorus (you can almost imagine the dance routine). How Do I Say Goodbye is a gorgeous ballad with soaring vocals and totally deserves to be the third single (behind Poison and You've Got It)... Can't Live Without You and Maniac (another genius choice of cover) also look set to bring a fun vibe back to the world of pop, and you know that's all i ask for. Ultimately Lockdown are what they are - an unpretentious fun pop act (that kinda remind me of aces 90s band The Party) that deserve to do well...

LINK: Lockdown's myspace site
LINK: Purchase Lockdown tracks for 59p each here!
MP3: Lockdown - Poison
MP3: Lockdown - You've Got It

Shane Butler has been writing successfully for various acts for a number of years now, and has decided to give singing a go himself. Luckily he has the voice to back up the vocal talent and he makes producing classy peerless pop records seem easily and effortless. Whether its the inspirational In This World with its powerful vocal, slowly building synths and hypnotic chorus or the rocking and grinding gotta-be-first-single Superstar, Shane knows his way round the pop market. What is even more impressive is that his songs were produced in his makeshift studio at home. You can stream tracks from his forthcoming album Giant Leap of Faith on his official website. Then We Fall has this ethereal almost Twin Peak-sy quality to it and someone PLEASE get Shane together with Shayne Ward because All In The Name of Love is a gorgeous tune and so much better than the gumpf Shayne has been given to sing recently. Plus, this Shane certainly knows how to rock the moody shirt and tie pose ;) Can't wait to rush headlong into this guys music...
LINK: Shane Butler's Official Site
LINK: Purchase Shayne Butler tracks for 59p each here!
MP3: Shane Butler - Superstar

I mentioned him yesterday after Arjan did a little post on him on his fine blog. Even though he hasn't accepted my friends request yet on myspace, that hasn't stopped me rocking his music all day long while i curl up on my bed (i forgot to mention that I am off work with horrible stomach cramps. Boo). And he certainly has cheered me up - not only are his pictures on myspace refreshingly fun and unpretentious (we love a guy with a big helmet ;) ) (and we love the pic in Copenhagen - was totally going to comment nice pants buddy til i realised some bugger had got there first!), but he manages to work songs in a variety of styles and musical influences without seemingly breaking a sweat. Play is the most joyous fun club meets pop track I have heard in ages and it swings and zips along so quickly, it leaves you a little bit breathless so you have to listen to it all over again. Father's Son has some intelligent lyrics matched with a soulful r'n'b influenced groove and just deliciously smooth vocals. To Be With You takes a rockier stance and works guitars and a driving melody over some plinking piano in the background. Why he isn't having top ten hits in America and England is beyond me - and surely only a matter of time...
LINK: Andy Love's Myspace site
MP3: Andy Love - Play
MP3: Andy Love - My Father's Son

Right, I'm all done with the hopefully soon to be huge I Should Be So Lucky lot for today. However, several new singles have come to my attention recently and I briefly wanted to discuss them all...
~ although I am not done with Darin's last album yet (having got into it late), he is ignoring my needs and going at his own pace. But when he's churning out stuff like the uptempo and slightly funky rocking Perfect, I suppose i can forgive my little elfin faced popstar. I can just imagine this back to back with a Simon Curtis track in the chart. Sigh - hopefully soon...
~ I have PPG to thank for getting me into Antony Callea (pictured above) and although i am only slowly being won over to his new hair cut (should have gone to precision) he does look a little like Mr Dust so I suppose I can forgive him. His new single is the type of song Westlife would be proud to cover, so you'll either love it or not. I choose to love it :)
~ Hmmm, i adore No Doubt, but it did take me a while to get into solo Gwen and even then I wasn't totally blown away. Her new single does sample The Lonely Goatherd (first song i ever learnt on the piano when i was 6) so i suppose I gotta love it a little bit. But only a little cos the jury is still out... Darren will adore it tho... (XO is not too keen)
MP3: Darin - Perfect (radio edit)
MP3: Darin - Perfect (instrumental) you can sing along!
MP3: Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up
MP3: Antony Callea - Live For Love (HQ)

Some of my 7 have been quite busy! Here's the news...
~ Check out the first webisode of the hilarious Justin's World on his myspace space. Great t-shirt and wrist adornments too!!
~ you can buy some exclusive Conor downloads at his ISBSL site - click here to investigate. Only 59p!!
~ finally don't forget that Switch-22 save the world by playing at JoJo's in London tomorrow night...
~ Arjan has finally gotten into The Feeling. Yay! Clearly he doesn't read my blog as often as he should ;)
~ L'il Henry has Young Diva's Happening All Over Again - a slice of disco heaven - over at his always reliable site...
~ Read about Girls Aloud demo of Very Strange (and download it) over at Oxygen Chunks. But a cover of I Think We're Alone Now for Christmas number one? Boo! I wanted that honour to go to The Click Five (see tomorrow's post)...
~ Michel still seems to be a "greatest hits" of all the blogs (hem hem) but i am quite appreciative of the Dolce & Gabbana ad he has posted (I do like fashion you know!)
~ Heat used to be my second fave mag in the world and now it has fallen to six due to disappointing content. It hasn't redeemed itself past that position, but redeemed itself today with interviews with yesterdays Zapping stars McFly and Preston. Plus a sneaky glimpse at the Take That Attitude (new second fave mag) cover. Oh - another star has stolen Simon Curtis' style. Check out Ashton Kutcher on page 37...
Coming soon: My top 20 boybands of all time! My top 20 girl bands of all time! My top 20 pop groups of all time! My top ten female singers! Idina Menzel! Books! Fashion! A review of Beauty And The Beast Musical! Lois and Clark (why DO i love that show?)! More holiday diaries! Abba! Maybe some boybands; forgotten popstars to PLAY with; Pink & The Indigo Girls! And more...
Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to getting quality pop music back into the charts. Any songs posted here are to encourage people to go out and buy the music from an online source or high street store. That's what the links are there for. If any artist or management want a link removed, please email me and i will do it straight away. We love the guys featured here and want them to succeed!


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Oh my gosh...this post is just too much! Can you be in love with a post? Because I really think I am, and the songs are still downloading. I promise to write something later once I've gotten to listen to all the songs, but, for now:

    Yay for Lockdown! I loved them when you linked to them before, but I think their MySpace might have only had clips or something, so it'll be great to hear the full versions. I really like that the boys do a good deal of the singing, because often in these mixed groups it's all about the girls (which is great, but something different is nice).

    "The solo Click Five"? I'm listening to him ASAP...

    Love the new Darin single!

    My reaction to the news of the Girls Aloud cover was exactly the same :) Not surprising, given it's me, I'm sure, but the Click Five's version of "I Think We're Alone Now" is just so amazing--it might be my favorite cover ever. In a perfect world, it would be number one...

    You got the HQ version of "Live For Love"?!?! I'm trying to refrain from resorting to textspeak or about a million exclamation marks to express my reaction, but oh. my. gosh--I think I'm practically radiating love for the Zapping! :)
    (Yes, I realize my opinion of that song has changed 180 degress from what it used to be, but, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, I'm just avoiding a "foolish consistency" :) ).

    (I'm sure I give off the impression of being very easily excited...that may be the case ;) but wow--what an amazing post!)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Dude, are you on speed?
    Paul said...
    hehe, sprry to cause such spasms of excitement PPG. D'Luv - the zapping is the new crack...
    xolondon said...
    I may see the Feeling on Saturday at an instore. Stay tuned!
    Paul said...
    curse all you lucky people seeing the feeling in intimate gatherings!! Say hi to DSG for me - if i don't somehow get to meet them on 1st November then i will just freaking explode!
    Poster Girl said...
    "I'm coming back down and I really don't mind..." (picture a bunch of music notes floating around)

    So, anyhow, I love Shane Butler! Great find there :)

    "Addiction don't come close to this..."

    Right, I'm done now :)
    Paul said...
    i got a message from Shane yesterday saying that he is busy in the studio putting the finishing touches to his album, so a whole lot of yay there!
    Megan said...
    Can you please remove the link for the HQ version of "Live For Love"? Anthony's single isn't officially released until tomorrow and a lot of us fans are terrified of a leak affecting his sales.

    Kind regards,

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