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Good evening all. Or it was until I got the bejeezus scared out of me by Texas Chainsaw Massacre ~ and Darren's choice for date night this Friday is SawIII. How perfectly romantic... Anyhoo, i'm off work at the moment, still having stomach problems and horribly tired because of it (waking up every few hours in the night) so the doctor has prescribed me sleeping tablets for a couple of weeks to help kick start my sleeping patterns again while my poor tummy is sorted. God I'm a wreck - probably why my blogs are so long at the moment, it helps take me mind off it...Anyway check out some news on the evergrowing Zapping franchise below, and enjoy today's post. Let me know what you think....
You might have noticed that this blog has been renamed The Zapping seeing as that is how I and most other people refer to it...I have also renamed by BigBlogger7 blog, although The Zapping Holiday Diaries remains the same. Here's the goss...
~ The Zapping will continue to be your daily stop for all things music, fashion, books, movies and tv - as well as catch ups on my friends, social outings and anything else that pops into my head...
~ The Zapping Spin Off Blog will now be home to guest writers, theatre and musical reviews and anything else that doesn't quite fit in with my daily posting. It won't be updated every day, but i'll be sure to let you know here when it is :)
~ The Zapping Holiday Diaries will continue to go through the vaults of my holiday musings from years past. Soon with added photos and music!
LINK: Check out my review of Beauty And The Beast: The Musical (from last night) w/ added links and mp3s
Today's post will focus on 3 boybands who seem to be having success in various corners of the globe, yet not in Britain where we need them most! First up is Australian boyband - er, I mean vocal quartet, Human Nature. To be honest, I'm not too clued up on Human Nature before 2004. I know that they had been going for several years before they released a greatest hits in 2001, and that a couple of those tunes had somehow seeped into my consciousness - particularly the jaunty When We Were Young (which reminds me of O-Town's We Fit Together) and He Don't Want You (which reminds me of A1's No More). The lads were certainly more willing than Westlife are to dabble in dance and uptempo songs and they are a stronger band because of it. Taking 3 years off, they returned in 2004 with a great album called Walk The Tightrope, that they hoped would show a new mature side to Human Nature. And that it certainly did... Lead off single, When You Say You Love Me, was written by Darren Hayes and is an infectious sparkling gem of a pop song. The BeeGees also gave them an unreleased song of theirs Love Is Blind, which along with second single Guilty, show Human Nature at the peak of their time together. For Christmas 2005 and 2006 they have released motown covers albums which have done incredibly well in Australia, but is a little bit 'Can We Be Frank' of them... I look forward to whatever original album comes next and hope they bring it to these shores...
Yes, yes, i've used that line before in trying to describe the frankly magnificent Click Five. Slightly less cheeky than those loveable scamps, they have produced a sound that encapsulates polished pop and thrusting guitars and rolls it into one little ball of 3 minute goodness. Poppostergirl knows what i'm talking about... Tragically their british debut has been spectacularly mismanaged. Boo record company boo! Sure, they got them a plum slot supporting McFly, but did they do anything else? Apart from a download only single, no. So much potential gone to waste. They had some glorious songs they could've released including American singles 'Just The Girl' and 'Catch Your Wave' with ready made videos and everything. Surely a double A side Christmas release of Pop Princess and I Think We're Alone Now was in order? no? Bah humbugs is about the politest thing I can come up with. Sack your UK representation and come to me boys....
MP3: Click Five - Just The Girl (live acoustic)
MP3: Click Five - Catch Your Wave (live acoustic)
Frankly, D-Side weren't much cop when they were pounding these shores. Or at least that is common opinion. And of course that opinion is wrong because they were actually tres bon. They had some nice little hits before Clay Aiken stole Invisible and wrecked it for everyone (including funkalicious Pushing It Out). Knobend. Boybands that weren't Busted became a bit of a joke in Britain so, like V, D-Side never really stood a chance. But instead of calling it quits, they took they soulful slices of pop nuggets off to Asia and conquered the Japanese market, which is probably quite lucrative judging from the quality of their suits. New album Gravity may be their finest yet and features the luminary talents (that's only slightly sarcastic cos i do like him a little!) of Antony Costa, ex-Blue on the gorgeous Sacrifice. The corner is turning for boyband pop in England, and I for one will eagerly await D-Side to reclaim their place in the charts :)
~ Apparently, McFly are on course for a sixth UK number one with StarGirl this week, while Girls Aloud are at number two. Screw you random dance track i never heard of! Robbie is on course for another number one album, even though the Take That dvd has outsold it...
~ Even though he has taken his morphing/shayne ward-a-like/nipple bearing (delete as appropriate) pics off his website, you should still hurry over to Zapping guest writer Pinkie Dusts blog as he gets back to what he does best. Making Pop eat itself...or at least tracking it while it does, so the rest of us don't have to. Absolutely Fabulous (see what I did there Mr Dust?)
~ Arjanwrites is a treasure trove of info today - new Killers Bones video (love it); great pic of Dan from The Feeling (love it); and a little bit on those lovely Scissor Sisters... (love it)...
Coming soon: Oh boy, where do I start? Dan Feeling and Adam Maroon will walk us through fall fashions tomorrow; an interview with rising star Emo D; 7 in 2007 update; My top 20 boybands of all time! My top 20 girl bands of all time! My top 20 pop groups of all time! My top ten female singers! Idina Menzel! Books! The popstars that charts forgot; Lois and Clark; Pink does Indigo; and whatever else comes up in the meantime...
Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to getting quality pop music back into the charts. Any songs posted here are to encourage people to go out and buy the music from an online source or high street store. That's what the links are there for. If any artist or management want a link removed, please email me and i will do it straight away. We love the guys featured here and want them to succeed!


  1. Rose said...
    I'd love it if Star Girl is McFly's 6th #1. I hope the new album goes #1 too.

    I'm not the biggest boyband fan. I'd heard of Click Five but I hadn't heard any of their stuff before, I like them. Thanks for the songs. I love their cover of 'I Think We're Alone Now'.
    Poster Girl said...
    "I Think We're Alone Now" is amazing :) And, unlike much of the pop community, I'm sure, I have to agree with Rose that I'd love to see McFly get the #1 this week.

    Ahem. So, I will attempt to stay calm about this post (or at least minimize my use of exclamation marks ;) ).

    I'd wanted to hear the full version of the song He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named covered; thanks!

    Human Nature are great--so boyband; I can't believe I'd never really heard of them before!

    And, of course, the Click Five--I completely agree. I had no idea they were only releasing a download single; that does seem like such a waste...McFly got their start as Busted's support act, right? And did V first rise to (sadly temporary) fame as McFly's support act, or were they already famous when they did that?
    Paul said...
    i really like Human Nature - they are huge in OZ like westlife are here...

    am eager for McFly to be number one, but my loyalties are torn, because i also love Girls Aloud. however, as much as i love both acts i will say that i don't think either single is their strongest ever...

    yes, wasted opportunities for la five of clicks over here. Maybe in the new year?
    PinkieDust said...
    Good morn sweethearts! Pinkie here.

    I am so over McFlurry. I think I just dont like the lead singer. They also sounded really bad in the heat mag(which I agree suddenly got better).

    Heat is like the nearest thing to vintage Smash Hits but the recent BigBrother covers have not helped it. They seriously need to realise that they must drop the "celebrities-for-no-reason" if they are going to keep afloat. Their readership is getting smaller and smaller.

    The McFlury interview was brilliant even if it put them in a really bad light.

    In fact i might be over boybands for now. I think I've overdosed on them. I'm going through a girlie, I mean to say I'm going through women instead of men at the moment. Er i mean stay i prefer to listen to female singers.

    When boys sing I sense huge swabs of ego which totally puts me off. dont know why. I think I've been reading too much Freud. Take the Take That track. Again, its all "me Me" and Gary Barlow taking lead vocals when we all know the others are pretty good singers too yet they are just there to be looked at which is also pretty egotistical too if you think about it.

    I'm sorry but im ranting. I'm having a pretty ugly day today. I got a rather long email from an ex today and its put me right off my fruit salad.

    Loving the Beauty/Beast update on the zapping twin site. Will comment on it tonight(as i have no money=no life).

    Also if your up late there will be not 1 but two HUGE updates on my blog tonight. The songs are seriously "oh they are covers! I never knew!". Well thats what i said when i found out.
    Paul said...
    well then i shall certainly look forward to that - i think i have spent so much of my life listening to mainly female singers, that i am having fun discovering the boys so to speak. So we are doing things the opposite way round which is pretty gay of us, n'est pas. Off to a salon opening tonight catered for by the butlers in the buff. Expect many photos!!

    Sorry you are having an ugly day - but i do love McFlurry as a name and will now and henceforth forever call them that! Heat just dropped to number 7 on my fave mag list despite improvement and due to another gay mag suddenly getting really good...
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I have to admit, I have a high regard for the Click Five CD. It's done a marvellous job of propping open the door to my office at work, ever since it was sent to me a year and a half ago. So thanks, boys!

    Oh, Pablo, you forgot to mention D-Side's truly fab third single, "Real World" -- sadly their last to reach the UK Top 10. It came out the week I had my first trip to London, and I bought it and listened to it on flight to the Canary Islands. Too bad Simon Cowell dumped them like a hot potato, the old bastard!
    Robpop said...
    Loving the length of your current posts Paul. They are so long. Keep it up, me likely long.

    Not sure about Click5 but the Human Nature tracks have been hot picked for my play list selection on my Itunes. Thank you.

    As for "pinkie's morphing/shayne ward-a-like/nipple bearing" Attitude rent-boy antics I can't find anything, anything(!), on his blog! This makes me sad. Why do I miss this sort of stuff. In fact, I always miss out on the fun. I am crying over it.
    Poster Girl said...
    Pinkie - uh oh...I don't really follow McFly (like the name "McFlurry," though!) beyond their music, so I haven't read this interview...hmmm...I'm not sure whether I want to look into it if it's bad. I had an interesting conversation on another blog about the female/male singer preference; those people who prefer female singers always have such eloquent reasons to back them up and, though I'm not sure if I definitely prefer a male voice to a female one (though I'm sure I give off that impression :) ), I haven't yet figured out why, at the very least, the male voice has at least equal appeal to thoughts have been provoked...
    Paul said...
    J'Ason - i detect some sarcasm in your voice when you refer to The Click Five. Sigh :( And i didn't forget Real World (how could I!) - it was one of the things that got left on the cutting room floor when i edited the post :)

    Rob - so good to have you back, you dirty minx ;) Glad you like Human Nature - they are quite good, no?

    PG - don#t fret over the mcfly interview. I feel they were just being exuberant and acting up for the sake of being controversial. They are young. It happens :)
    PinkieDust said...
    They were being really nasty about fannys.

    "As for "pinkie's morphing/shayne ward-a-like/nipple bearing" Attitude rent-boy antics I can't find anything, anything(!), on his blog! This makes me sad. Why do I miss this sort of stuff. In fact, I always miss out on the fun. I am crying over it."

    I HAVE no idea what your talking about robpop. Here, take some tissue for your tears.
    Paul said...
    yes, cos i'm sure Rob(o)pop wants the tissue for his tears when he thinks of you :) hehehehehehehe

    oh Mr Dust! My dad reads this. He doesn't like fannys;) Well clearly he does but he doesn't like the one. I will tell him you meant the american fanny which boys have too which is just really gay if you think about it (don't think about it dad - and don't ask mom!)

    and i was refering to the brilliant morphing from 5ive into Pinkie thing you temporarily had on your blog. Marv!
    EmmaS said...
    Human Nature are such a fantastic group, that have been around for soooo long. I think that one of the main things of their success is that they are not a crappy manufactured group (like most boybands - I can't believe I used that term, I hate it so much) they started at high school together. I was so proud last week when they finally won an ARIA for the first time after 15 nominations.

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