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Chad Does TheZapping...

EDIT (28th NOV) - Apologies for mp3 bandwidth issue - I will sort it out when i get home on Sunday. If anyone wants a particular song, email me!
Ladies and Gentlemen, as I am away this very week, a couple of people have kindly taken time out to prepare posts for me that I can publish at the touch of a button while away. First up is Chad, who gives us the "skinny" on some of the latest and greatest videos. I think he's done a pretty good summary below, so show him some love. He likes McFly :)


Loads of new pop videos are getting thrown out there on the screen. Some are great and some are Girl's Aloud videos ;)

Beyonce 'Ring The Alarm'

This was the 2nd single off 'B'Day' in the States, but got bumped back in favour of 'Irreplacable' here in the UK. They're finally released this sharp R&B tune which is a harsher sound for Miss B. Video-wise its quite the change too - with Beyonce do more acting and look suspiciously like a cross between Tina Turner and Whitney Houston - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...
Girl's Aloud 'I Think We're Alone Now' I'm not a fan of this cover version. It's cheap and cheesy and nothing compared to, The Click Five's version. What is it with Girl's Aloud? Do they not have the budget to make decent videos? All of their videos look incredibly cheap and non-glamorous, which is ridiculous for a group of stunning women (well, 3 out of 5 are stunners...). Cafe De Paris (just of London's Leicester Sq) never looked so... average.
McFly 'Sorry's Not Good Enough'

For sheer spunk, you have to love McFly. They've managed to pull off being a pop-band with a hell of a lot of charm and enthusiasm. No faux-seriousness here. The video for 'Sorry's Not Good Enough' is a smart video and miles ahead of their last, low-budget 'Star Girl'. It's also rare to see a pop-band paint themselves in a negative light (similar to Backstreet Boys 'The Call'). McFly manage to get away with it all because it's all one big joke!
Freemason's 'Rain Down Love' Not strictly a pop-track, but allow me to digress for a second. This one has a lot of pop-cred in it's veins. To start with the vocals on the lil dance anthem are provided by Seidah Garrett, who sung 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' with Michael Jackson about a hundred years ago, and more recently was the vocalist for funk-outfit The Brand New Heavies. Plus the video is a camped up homage (um... rip-off?) of Daft Punk's Spike Jonze directed 'Around The World'. It's all a bit of fun in the end.
Gwen Stefani ' Wind It Up' I'm sorry, but this video's one long advert for sunglasses! I mean, they're freakin' hot sunglasses and Gwen looks her stunning self. But how do you solve a problem like Stefani? Sadly all the tracks I've heard off her upcoming album 'The Sweet Escape' are leaving me a little cold, like Christmas left-overs. Gwen, I expect better from you!
Check out Chad's blog "Look What Chad Did" here...


  1. Poster Girl said...
    In short: Love for McFly and the Click Five, a reference to "The Call"--I love this post!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    He who chucks Girls Aloud in the bin is a good man.
    Paul said...
    i know! viva clickfly as i now jointly refer to them! And monsieur D´Luv, while ITWAN is a pile of steaming cack, it´s a rare mistep in a career built on great singles...
    Rose said...
    I love Ring The Alarm, I'm glad it's getting released here.

    I like GA's version Of ITWAN but I'm not a fan of the single version.

    I love McFly's new video. I burst out laughing when I saw the lads behind Tom with the mustaches etc.

    I love Gwen but I'm not too sure about this new album. I can't stand Wind It Up.

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