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21 ~ Dangerous Muse, Give Me Danger
20 ~ G4, Danny Boy (new entry)
19 ~ Elton John, The Bridge
18 ~ Paolo Nutini, These Streets
17 ~ Westlife, The Rose
16 ~ Girls Aloud, Something Kinda Ooh
15 ~ Dashboard Confessional, Stolen
14 ~ McFly, Star Girl
13 ~ BWO, Will My Arms Be Strong Enough?
12 ~ Robbie Williams, Lovelight
11 ~ Justin Timberlake, My Love
10 ~ The Killers, Bones
09 ~ The Magic Numbers, Take A Chance
08 ~ Nerina Pallot, Geek Love
07 ~ Scissor Sisters, Land of a Thousand Words
06 ~ Deborah Gibson, Sounds Like Love
05 ~ The Feeling, Love It When You Call
04 ~ Jamelia, Beware Of The Dog

03 ~ Gavin Mikhail, Brave

02 ~ Take That, Patience

01 ~ Simon Curtis, Broken (4 weeks)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Ya see, Pablo, you go away, and I'm the only one standing by your side. And to think, a week ago...Et tu, Brute?

    Your big mistake here is Take That at #2, and this $2 whore at #1.
    Paul said...
    eat your words D´Luv! Broken is easily one of the best pop songs of the year. There are few people making music like this anymore. However, I do love take that...

    and i know - i´ve been abandoned by my regulars. i´m sobbing into my white russian...
    Poster Girl said...
    I sometimes feel like I forget how much you love certain artists because we're always being introduced to all these amazing new ones :) Then you do a list like this and remind me that you are a fan of BWO, the Magic Numbers, Elton John, etc. Plus, it's nice to see someone is still keeping a candle lit for Dangerous Muse!
    Paul said...
    yes, but where are DM now eh? I am eager for new tracks :) Expect a MASSIVE feature with interview onSimon nearer the end of the year...

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