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Just when I think I am going to have nothing to write about and that I'm going to have make my posts shorter, I have an influx of ideas into my tiny little mind and have to jot them down on a pad somewhere because otherwise i totally forget and get frustrated when trying to remember. Which may actually be a sign of early onset working age dementia, but let's hope not, eh! Anyhoo, I had to go up to Boots chemist today and instead of just picking up my tablets, I ended up getting some more of that amazing Shower Burst gel in the can that gives the most amazing foam, some more L'Oreal for men products (because I'm worth it too...) and a 12 pack of condoms because they came with free lubricant. Now that's an offer you can't refuse!! Plus I felt all festive because everywhere was piping in Christmas music, and their were sparkling trees everywhere. Sigh. I've said it before and i'll say it again - it's the MOST wonderful time of the year...

The new one from Sugababes that looks as rough as a badgers arse came to me in a dream last night and reminded me that as much as I've not connected to them as a group, they certainly rival if not equal Girls Aloud and Spice Girls for putting out a great run of catchy pop singles. The 'Babes have a habit of picking AMAZING first two or three brillo tracks as singles from albums, only to balls it all up with rubbish fourth songs (Shape Of My Heart, Caught In A Moment...) Sadly, their greatest hits collection ignores the best Christmas number one that never was (New Year), but still has perfect sculptures of pop excellence in Overload, Freak Like Me, Round Round, Hole In My Head, Push The Button and Red Dress. And much like seminal Girls Aloud songs (SOTU, Biology, The Show, Love Machine, Whole Lotta History) they aren't just pop songs but gorgeous little indelible reminders of how pop should be done. No their greatest hits collection isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than most...
NOTE! Be sure to check out my top 15 girl bands on the spin off blog tomorrow (which will include the Babes doing a cover of Rocks)...
LINK: Purchase Sugababes' greatest hits cd
MP3: Sugababes - Push The Button (Napster acoustic session)
MP3: Sugababes - Easy (Napster acoustic session)
MP3: Sugababes - New Year
BONUS MP3: Starsailor - Push The Button
BONUS MP3: Orson - Push The Button

Let's face it, George isn't the most popstar name in the world. Even if you go by just the first name, it still lacks that certain je ne sais quoi. But it is rude to pick on people's names and I would actually probably possibly call my adopted child George if I can ever talk DazParent round... It doesn't matter what you are called though when a) you dress as well as George clearly does (i love people creating a look for themselves, it's an important part of pop music...) and b) when - under the watchful eye of Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough - you have created a fun and accessible dance-pop debut album entitled Believe. Awash with slick beats, soulful vocals, catchy melodies, harmonicas, a variety of styles from ballad to dance to soul to pop and still make it a cohesive album that pretty much works from start to finish. It's not the most original sound in the world, but if you are looking for a solid piece of work that pays tribute to classic r'n'b sounds from the past three decades wrapped up in silky smooth vocals, you could a lot worse than Believe...

And while we're on the backstreet bandwagon, let's not forget Brian Littrell who went all religious on us earlier in the year with his debut album Welcome Home. If you are not into Christian music (and i'm not particularly, though i do like House of Love by Amy Grant), you may just want to check out the more ambiguous of the tracks and listen to My Answer is You and the title track. Both are radio ready pieces of pop that hustle and bustle with strumming guitars, daniel powter-esque catchy chorus and power pop vocals from Brian, that actually wouldn't sound too out of place on a new BSB album...
LINK: Visit George's myspace site
LINK: Visit Howie's myspace site
LINK: Learn more about the Lupus Foundation
LINK: Visit Brian's myspace site
LINK: Purchase George's Believe cd
MP3: George - Talk To Me (remix)
MP3: George - I Wanna Love You (remix)
MP3: Brian Littrell - Welcome Home
MP3: Brian Littrell - My Answer Is You

Let's face it - this time next year, Jadion could well be the producer to keep an eye on. That's not to say he isn't already, but I have faith that his acts (simon curtis and fayden) have what it takes to put some 'joi de vivre' back into the pop charts. And i'm not just saying that because he put me as one of his top friends on myspace ;) Now girl group Bliss are about to have some Jadion magic poured their way, although the songs previously on their site were older tracks with a different producer... Anyway, it at least caused me to check out Bliss' music and I'm glad I did. I don't often focus on girl bands but with Girls Aloud and Sugababes nearing the end of their shelf life (boo) and me not really liking PCD, Bliss are a refreshingly pop breath of fresh air :) They are very influenced by euro-pop and have cute vocal harmonies and faux-raps that kinda make you smile (in a good way!) while listening to the music. They are about to start working with Jadion on a cover version of a track that you wouldn't immediately think of but is bound to end up another slice of pop genius :) Viva Bliss!! Be sure to check back soon for some more of Jadion's artists...

EDIT: Be sure to read the comments for some news from Jadion himself - i can't wait for the hot tracks he is bound to produce for this promising act :)
LINK: Jadion's myspace site
LINK: Bliss' myspace site

Although we are only about 7 episodes into the new tv season, it's clear what shows are great and what require a little more thought (yes Six Degrees, hang your head in shame). If the new season has taught us anything (and it hasn't), it's that JJ Abrams is sadly overextended and all three of his shows (Lost, Six Degrees and What About Brian) are suffering. Luckily, there are some real gems this season, including some i didn't think i would like at all...
5. Brothers and Sisters ~ I wasn't expecting to like this at all. The pilot was reshot and the exec producer replaced - never a good sign. But whatever happened, it was for the best because we now have a mature addictive sudsy sunday night drama to enjoy. Sally Fields is great (we like her, we really like her) and there is gay snogging, so where can you go wrong?
4. Torchwood ~ Ok, it's not American, but it certainly is very good. This Doctor Who Spin-off proves that, apart from Bob and Rose, Russell T. Davis can do no wrong! As it's aimed more at adults than it's parents show, it's the Angel to Buffy and works very well. Plots are fast paced and interesting, there are gay "leanings" and intergalactic shannanighans. Trust me, Dan from Project 76 has much better write ups of this :)
3. Ugly Betty ~ aah finally a chick show that will gain a following to rival Sex and The City and Ally McBeal. Utterly ridiculous and thus utterly addictive, Channel 4 have bought this to firm up their Friday night schedule next year. Be sure to check it out, because as soon as you do you will be hooked on this delightfully frothy nonsense :)
2. Robin Hood ~ You would think with the huge pic above that RH would be number one. SAdly not, though it was very close. It just has quite a good looking cast ;) I'm not sure quite why i like Robin Hood so much. At times its a bit meandering and doesn't seem to know where it's going, but i love a good romance story and much like Lois and Clark, that is what keeps me hooked week after week. Plus that man can shoot his arrow well good!! ;)

1. Heroes ~ I wasn't even going to watch this show, as i felt it sounded a little too familiar to the X-Men and 4400. However, DazPolitical, who is quite harsh about American tv shows got into it and I knew it had to be good. From inventive, sometimes morally ambiguous characters, the show has a good steady narrative, mixes humour with huge themes and seems to have a fair idea as to where it's heading. Premieres on the SciFi channel in England in Jan 07 so be sure to check it out. Plus Milo Ventimiglia is pretty fine, no?

  • 24 Days Til Christmas With The Zapping ~ although it is killing me to sit on all the great little Christmas treats I have for you all (and watch others post them first :O), sit on them I will until the first of december when you will be treated to 24 days of (fairly) themed posts and accompanying festive mp3s...
  • 7 To Watch in 2007 ~ from January 1st, this feature will be a lot bigger, better and run more often, though not intefering with the usual gloriousness of my posts ;) Am not really sure how that's going to work yet, but work it will dammit!
  • The Zapping Record Company Project ~ another feature will launch Jan 1st 2007, where I will pick several acts for a fictitious record label (some famous, some up and comers) and for 12 months plan what singles they put out from albums, when - but you decide how well they do! Ooo excitement he wrote....
~ not to be too excited, but from Nov 15th, Starbucks are offering a card you can preload with credit and use around the world. When you spend as much at La Bucks as I do, this is tres exciting news...
~ Check out utterly adorable looking new blog Bubblegumpoppop! It's so pink and inviting. You just kinda wanna dive right in :) Also be sure to check out Chad's blog... not only does he have good looking friends, but he loves Wicked and kind of fancies Robin Hood. Genius!
~ Jessica has a post on the general genius of Take That and references my soon to be beloved Eton Road. What a little treat...
~ Congratulations to Sounds of Sweden on their 100th post :)
~ Bloggers around the globe are creaming themselves that Girls Aloud covered Amy Winehouse in Live Lounge today. And rather marvelous their version is too. Two of my faves seem to have got there first though - Samuel Hotstuffguy and darling Xo...
Coming soon: No posts til Monday, but check back for reminders tomorrow on where to see my top 15 girl groups and my top 20 pop acts :) Have a great weekend!!


  1. Dan Project 76 said...
    Robin Hood stinks but the others are good. Heroes is brilliant and has replaced Lost in my Nerd Heart.Loving Brothers & Sisters just like you are even though it could have been horrible. Torchwood is a splendid load of entertaining nonsense but you have forgotten all about that other American show for grown-ups: Dexter (from Showtime). I think you might like it.
    Robpop said...
    Paul, i dont know how you do it fact this post has hammered the last nail in the coffin of dontstopthepop. I meanz why bother when there are blogs as good as TheZapping.
    Nick said...
    I should really grab that Sugababes cd. I don't have any of their stuff yet there are so many hits.

    And as for the TV, I'm in complete agreement with Robin Hood and Heroes, the only two new shows I watch. From what I can remember, though, Jericho was also pretty good and Runaway had a ton of potential until it got yanked.
    Paul said...
    Dan - i embrace the crap of Robin Hood (much like X Factor) which may be why i like it so. I do have a few episodes of Dexter and will definitely watch especially as it's been renewed for a second season!

    Rob(o)pop ~ aw shucks, but please don't stop doing your site. it is marvelous in the extreme :)

    Nick - i heard Jericho was quite good but have no time in my life for it :( Plus i am always scared of getting too into new shows and then having them yanked ( i am reserving judgement on 6 Degrees and The Nine just in case...)
    Poster Girl said...
    I'm going to give Brian Littrell a try, since you've selected the more "ambiguous" tracks (though, sort of funnily, I do quite like that Amy Grant album, as well as Heart in Motion).

    Can't wait for the 24 days of Christmas post!
    Rose said...
    LOL @ the badgers arse comment. I can't believe 'New Year' isn't on their GH.

    I'm really enjoying Torchwood and Captain Jack lol. Can't wait for series 3 of Dr Who.

    I really like GA version of 'Rehab' and when Cheryl started singing she sounded like Amy for a few seconds.
    Paul said...
    i think i am more accepting of ambiguous, generally uplifting christian pop than i am of the in your face praise jesus variety. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just not for me :)

    Rose - i really look forward to the Dr Who christmas special. Should be mega!
    Jadion said...
    I would like to say that Bliss is my newest project. The songs you may have heard are old and not by me. They were an old demo. The new stuff we are working on will be MUCH better and VERY hot. We begin recording the first single November 20. Paul will get his paws on it around the middle of December. Then he will have to rewrite this lol. - Jadion
    Paul said...
    hehe - thanks for the update Jadion, i will add an edit in at the bottom of the piece so people know to read the comments :)

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