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More than a feeling...

Belgian white chocolate coated Californian raisins from Marks & Spencers really are the best aren't they? Except if you have too many, they may end up making you feel a little sick, so best to limit your intake, n'est pas? Anyway, on with today's blog. The blog of today, if you will. My mind is all over the place with random thoughts today and knowing i have to focus on The Feeling live review is taking a lot of effort... btw, wtf is Pinkiedust? And yay! Catherine Tate Show is on tonight. Plus i just got the new Magic Numbers and McFly albums so I am quite the happy bunny...

So Ruthiepoos and I took ourselves off to see The Feeling kick off their UK tour last night at the tres glamourous and chic Birmingham Academy. First we had to stop off for a large glass of Rose for Ruthie (see what i did there??) as she had a rubbish day, what with her washing machine breaking down and hurting her poor little leg. And me being a crap date as I totally forgot we were meant to go out to eat first, and wolfed down some food before she arrived. Eep! Still, to Ruthie's credit, she didn't arrive on our doorstep with an arm full of washing, so kudos to her! Anyway the wine was lovely, and we had a good ole chinwag about the world and it's dog... before hobbling up to the concert. Rather excitingly, you could buy a cd of the concert, recorded and mixed live... how super! And slightly expensive at £15, but needs must, so i put myself down for one...and then went about trying to find a decent position. The place was freaking packed - last time R & I were here to see the boys, there were about 400 people here. Now there were 5 times that amount...

By the time the band came on, the crowd were in a frenzy of excitement. There was a gorgeous and very beach boys-esque acapella intro to Fill My Little World piped through the speakers as the boys took their places on stage, before Dan Gillespie (sex)Sells emerged in (what else) perfect black trousers and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up... but a white wristband instead of red, proving he can mix it up as much as the next guy... Still he's found a look that works for him and he looks good with it, so ride the fashion pony I say! First song proper was I Want You Now and it was then that I formulated my theory... The Feeling are what The Click Five should aspire to be like in a couple of albums time. Stick with me on this - both acts have great slick pop tunes that embrace what they are and are played without a hint of irony. There are smart, multi-layered harmonies that all members of the band contribute too. Whilst much has been made of the 70s powerpop influence on both groups, actually there is a definite Beach Boys vibe going on when you see the bands play live. Anyway, while the comparisons are actually quite superficial, the similarities are too glaring (for me) to ignore....
Anyway, the show was pretty amazing. Dan Gillespie (Sex)Sells seemed to high on the joys of being back in England, and gave an exuberant, energetic performance in every song. Of course the singles were all amazing - Fill My Little World remains my favourite song of the year, period and Never Be Lonely both showed their immense skill for writing sad, reflective songs wrapped in glorious upbeat pop melodies. B-side Sun is Shining and new (yet old) track Join With Us were equally as good as anything on the album. One highlight was when Dan Gillespie (sex)Sells sat down and did a piano solo of a just lovely ballad called I Miss You (i think). Now i just love a guy at a piano so Ruthiepoos had to physically restrain me from running up to the stage and pretending to be the keyboard ;) Jus' kidding! It was truly bliss though. And yay! Their cover of Video Killed The Radio Star rocked as much as I thought it would. So overall, an increasingly amazing evening. Just fabbo.
(PS - Mr Ellis Bextor looked a lot better and rocked his blue shirt muchly).
(PPS - DG(S)S said the f-bomb quite a lot, but that's ok cos i like a bloke who can f*** quite liberally!)
(PPPS - Is it just me or would Wilson Phillips totally rock a soft pop version of I Want You Now?)
I Want You Now (live mp3)
Never Be Lonely (live mp3)
Sun Is Shining
Fill My Little World (live mp3)
I Miss You (live mp3)
Video Killed The Radio Star (live mp3)
Join With Us
Love It When You Call (live mp3)
Encore: Blue Picadilly
LINK: Purchase The Feeling 12 Stops and Home cd
LINK: Pre-order The Feeling Love It When You Call Lo-Fi Funk remix!!
LINK: Purchase live cd of The Feeling's current UK tour
LINK: The Feeling's official website
MP3: The Feeling - Modern Classic (live)
MP3: The Feeling - Time Is Running Out (LQ)
(pics obviously not from last nights show - thanks to NewYorkGuy at the Feeling Forum for these shots from - where else - NYC...)
~ Hmmm, after winning me back last week (with the issue XO discusses here) my subscription to Heat is in jeopardy again, as it reverts to a totally rubbish week of trash again. Thank god for the gorgeous photo issue of EW arriving...
~ Zeon always finds the best stuff - check out Marit Bergman's simply stunning cover version of JT's My Love...
~ work are making me give 3 - THREE! - months notice before I can start my new job. I of course am thrilled that they value me so much they don't want me to leave. That sounds sincere written down, try listening to me say it...
~ Justin Timberlake and The Killers UK arena tour tickets go on sale here at 9am and noon respectively tomorrow (Fri 3rd)
~ If you buy The Click Five album here in Angleterre and email a photo of the receipt to the boys, you could win one of several lovely prizes! This is the record company's big marketing strategy?!
Coming soon: That Switch-22 interview; The Zapping Career Advice for popstars; When 90s come back - featuring tiffany! Wilson Phillips! Expose!; Books; more new myspace wannabe popstars; more lists of fave girl bands, pop bands, etc; and probably lots more distracting stuff...
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  1. HotstuffFiles said...
    Birmingham Academy, ha - what a surprise, as I'll be there on Saturday funnily enough.

    Really I should be packing now, not looking on the 'net.

    PinkieDust said...
    Im over here..
    KulPop said...
    Hi Paul,

    Good news that you enjoyed The Feeling show. What gig are your live tracks from?

    Are you sure the photos you used are from Toronto, I wasn't aware they did an in-store here before their concert?

    Looking forward to seeing them back here in march.


    Paul said...
    samuel - what are you off to see in the armpit of birmingham. Pop down hurst st and party!!

    Mr Dust! - phew :)

    Kulpop - mp3s are from the live cd produced right after the birmingham show i went to...i'm pretty sure those pics are from toronto, but i'll check and get backs to ya!
    HotstuffFiles said...
    Oh, only the lovely Lily Allen - finally! If only it didn't involve the not-so lovely Ryanair.
    Paul said...
    ooo enjoy lily! D'Luv will be soooo jealous, n'est pas?
    Rose said...
    Not much of a 'Catherine Tate Show' fan but I've been watching the repeats on UK Gold and I'm starting to like it. I love the nan character.

    You've got MITO!!! I've been looking for it everywhere lol. I've heard 'Friday Night' (gonna have to stop calling it 'Lose It' now lol) and I LOVE it. I can't wait for Monday. People have been saying that 'Silence Is A Scary Sound' is a hidden track after DSMN. If it is I hope the lads have recorded it and not used the Wonderland tour version.
    Paul said...
    Rose! More on MITO (it actually took me a while to work that out!) coming soon. Catherine Tate is great, though if you record it you can fast forward the crappy sketches you don't like. I stopped watching Little Britain when i realised i was fast forwarding through about 90% of the show!

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