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It's the beginning of November already. Where this year has gone is just beyond comprehension for me... to think this time last year, i hadn't heard of The Feeling, Lily Allen, Simon Curtis or had any inkling what a Chartrigger was... hehe. Anyway, while we wait to kick off November with a super post from Ruthiepoos and myself live (ish) from The Feeling concert tonight, here are some things you may have missed out on in October...
~ As the X Factor launched, we checked out what happened to former reality tv stars here...
~ And that inspired this post on the future of pop groups (Lockdown, Billiam, Beyond, 365 and the mighty Pacific Avenue) as well as check out the whereabouts of ex-boyband singers...
~ The resurrection of pop took place here as we took an indepth look at Simon Curtis and Gavin Mikhail...
~ our beloved switch-22 got reviewed here...
~ The 7 to watch in 2007 launched here, as well as taking a look at some up and coming sexy solo male singers...
~ Lucas Mire and the sensitive troubadours of the future were detailed here...
~ that annoying slide show that induced seizures can be found here...
~ New powerpop hero Shane Butler and dance-pop darlings Lockdown got some love in this post...
~ the post on the successes of boybands overseas, including Human Nature, Click Five and D-Side can be found with one little click!
~ Butlers in the buff?!
~ Beauty and the Beast the musical reviewed
~ Pinkie Dust's post on The Little Mermaid
~ My top twenty boybands 20-11
~ My top twenty boybands 10-1 (NEW!)
~ 3 new days up now!


  1. Rose said...
    East 17 @ #20 :O I can't stand Take That. I loved East 17, still do. Brian is an amazing singer. I woulda put E17 #1 and TT #20 lol

    Woo Hoo McFly #2

    Bros :) I haven't heard of Bros in years.

    Love 911, Bodyshakin' is my favourite song. I was actually listening to their debut album last week.

    Nice to see BBMack in your list. My brother's friends cousin is one of the members (can't remember which one lol)
    Robpop said...
    Oh I like it very long and hard.

    Were talking about Curlywurlys right?
    Robpop said...
    As for your boyband chart...I love it! Some bands you forget

    -Northern Line

    -Upside Down/Orange Orange(Bad Boys Inc wrote some of their music)

    -Overground(the German version of Girls Aloud)

    -Skream(the original busted)

    -C21(One of the biggest Western boybands ever to hit Asia. From Denmark)

    -Point Break(included the gay 1 from Biker Grove)
    Paul said...
    hehe, i didn't forget them, they just clearly didn't reach my excessively, um, "high" standards for being on the list ;) I did like Point Break mind you...

    Rose - i remember the take that/east 17 rivalries from my youth (ish) - don't beat me up for being a take that boy ;)

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