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I thought I would try something different this weekend. I'm always harping on about myspace artists and writing about them... well, this weekend I thought I would try to make it a bit more interactive by staging some of my latest faves in an X-Factor style competition. So there will be the 24 and unders; the 25 and overs and the groups. At the bottom of the page you will get to vote for which one you feel is your favourite - ideally based on their tunes, but you can go on looks, myspace page, the whole package, whatever takes your fancy. The top from each group will go into a poll for ultimate myspace-zapping new star to watch :) Hey, it's all a bit of fun, so be sure to vote and leave comments...
I honestly did search for some suitable young female singers for this category, but in the end narrowed it down to 5 young lads - all of whom I feel can contribute something a little different. Most of their music is in demo form and shows raw talent that will hopefully develop into a career in the music industry for these young hopefuls...
Contestant One: Scott Ashley (myspace)
Comments: Scott is a 23 year old singer from the Midlands who focuses on acoustic guitar styled pop. Which yes, seems to certainly be in vogue at the moment. What sets Scott apart from others is his clever use of instrumentation - check out the 60s sounding horns at the beginning of This World Is So Crazy. He also has a good way of writing relatable lyrics, all wrapped up in soothing melodies and isn't afraid to switch to different styles of music and vocal performance. Contrast This World Is So Crazy with the witty and folky sounding Anyone Can Be A Celebrity and you'll see what I mean. Clearly an accomplished musician, there is a maturity to his music and a clear love of The Beatles that sets him aside from other such singers at this time...
Song for consideration: This World Is So Crazy
Contestant Two: Joe Brooks (myspace)
Comments: Joe has amazing popstar hair and typical boyband looks, yet what comes out of his mouth belies such a youthful image. Favouring the freestyling, laid back vibes of Jason Mraz, Joe isn't afraid to take to the stage armed with just his voice and a guitar for company. And when stripped bare like that, you better have the talent to back it up. Luckily, Joe does - check out the meandering yet endearing Dating Game, a song that Dave Matthews Band could easily turn into a ten minute jam session, yet Joe keeps it together and makes the song interesting throughout. It would be fascinating to see what Joe could do with a full band and some production values...
Song for consideration: Dating Game (mp3)
Contestant Three: Daniel Paxton (myspace)
Comments: There is something refreshingly unpretentious about Daniel. He doesn't have thousands of myspace friends, although he should. He seems incredibly sweet and eager to get his songs heard. He likes All*stars and is happy to admit to buiying their albums. Thus, his music is the most "pop" of the bunch today. And that's no bad thing. His music is definitely in the demo stages yet sparkles with pop potential, drawing on influences like Daniel Bedingfield, Daniel Powter and probably some other daniel I can't think of right now (not O Donnell though...) His music has quite pure innocent lyrics and song Every Step Of The Way reminds me of some of Sandi Thom's catchier stuff. Keep doing what he is doing, promote himself a little more and with his understanding of what makes a good pop song, young Daniel will be fine...
Song for consideration: Every Step Of The Way
Contestant Four: Ed Winslet (myspace)
Comments: At a lofty six foot six, you don't want to piss Ed Winslet off...;) Luckily he writes the sort of music ideal for shows like Grey's Anatomy or The OC. There is a touch of Five for Fighting and The Fray in his music, yet with a distinctly British vibe running through his tunes. Steve On The Radio is a plainative ballad that ticks all the right boxes if you are feeling a bit lonely and need an aural hug. When he picks up the tempo though on songs like Don't Leave Me Lonely (which so deserves to be a single) he proves he can tackle tender lyrics, a driving guitar based tune and offer a powerful vocal. Plus he does a MEAN acoustic cover of Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell and you can't really go wrong with that, can you??
Song for consideration: Don't Leave Me Lonely Tonight
Contestant number five: PJ (myspace)
Comments: Last but certainly not least in today's category is the most soulful of the group - PJ. Based in a city i absolutely love (hey I was raised mormon!) - Salt Lake City - automatically gets my attention. Add to that the fact that he is one of the few people to pull off the t-shirt over shirt look without getting it so wrong, and you're onto a winner. Now, does anyone remember Trey Lorenz who duetted with Mariah in the early ninetieson I'll Be There? PJ's voice reminds me of him, which is kind of an obscure reference - maybe Simon Webbe is more uptodate (from Blue)... I like the fact that his soulful influences seem to kick back to the classics like Sam Moore and Stevie Wonder rather than more modern hip hop. Music like that will always be timeless and PJ is off to a good start...
Song for consideration: Reason To Pull Through (mp3)
Voting now finished for this category. Results published on Wednesday...:)


  1. Robpop said...
    Great idea! Reason to Pull Through sounds very close to Here's Where I Stand by Tiffany Taylor(the Camp soundtrack).

    Not to be totally negative but can you make an option for your readers to select a "I dont nominate any of these acts".

    I only say this cos the music by these boys, whilst is beautiful, doesnt stand out as being new or challenging. Theres nothing in those songs that really makes a break out of the "special realm". I suppose what I am trying to say is they don't add anything to whats already been done before. They aren't different or special. They are beautiful songs and even better vocals but not distinct if you get what i mean.

    Those performances are nothing short of the buskers you find on the tube...
    Paul said...
    good points rob(o)pop.... i will check out that tiffany taylor song :) I toyed with the idea of the none of the above voting option, but here is why i didn't go for it in the end. for me (although i realise not for others ;) ) the joy of myspace is not only discovering up and coming acts with a polished product ready to sell (eg Simon Curtis, Pacific Avenue, etc) but also those who are making demos in their bedrooms (sometimes literally) and sharing their raw humble beginnings with the world. I actually agree with what you said about the songs - but i do think that for me there was a spark of something there that i would like to see develop and that is what this is about. Plus really it's an experiment too, to see if people like a more interactive blog (though it would only be occassionally interactive!) or not... and i suppose i just wanted it to be fun :) But, yeah, i totally appreciate your comments, especially from someone whose blog i admire and who is friends with uberglam Ella :)
    Poster Girl said...
    Fun idea! And don't worry too much about only having guys in this under 24 category--based on the way the public in the UK seems to vote for X Factor, that's what it would ultimately come down to anyway.
    Paul said...
    you would think so PG but Eton Road were in the bottom two tonight :( V's the only time i've ever felt sorry for Louis Walsh who was crying... grrrr!

    Awww we love Daniel and want more people to vote for him!

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