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I didn't want to pick groups that I have already focused on and have a commitment to, such as Switch-22, Pacific Avenue, Billiam, Lockdown, et al... but i did want to focus on a few that have caught my eye on myspace and other places recently. And hey! There are even some girls in there ;) I think this is a more varied category in terms of musical styles, but as poppostergirl says all the boy bands will have to work particularly hard to gain a footing in the charts after the disappointing placing of the new 365 single. Show us what you got guys...

Group number one: Not Your Hero (myspace)
Comments: You can't go wrong with baring a little bit of flesh can you? Visually, this picture reminds me a little of Busted, but the music has a fresher, more mature punk-pop sound than Busted ever had. Overcoming some adversity in losing their friend and vocalist to a brain hemorrage earlier this year, NYH have soldiered on in his memory and done him proud by recording some of the catchiest pop-thrash anthems this side of Blink-182. And it's not just the songs that make these guys work so well together... there is an obvious cameraderie and this presents itself in a musical tightness where instruments, tunes and vocals all complement the song equally. Not an easy thing to achieve...
Song for consideration: Undone (mp3)

Group number two: 3nity (myspace)
Comments: 3nity have the sort of name you expect to see pop on the x-factor audition circuit. Yes, they are another vocal harmony style group that produce smooth slick soulful ballads such as R Kelly-esque A Little Bit Of Rain and the more mid-tempo jam Bright Nights. However, it's the more uptempo tunes where their potential shines. Check out the funky Rock My World (mercifully not a Michael Jackson cover) which has some great synths that remind me of a more tuneful Sexy/Back - some remixes of this tune would certainly have the clubs rocking. Plus we love Michael's jumper in the slide show on their myspace and Alex has great popstar hair, so all in all it's a promising start... plus we haven't had a "Blue" style group for a while ;)
Song for consideration: Rock My World

Group number three: Honey Couture (myspace)
Comments: Let's discuss why i like Honey Couture... one of the main reasons is that they make pop music look like a lot of fun again. Girls Aloud and Sugababes make AMAZING tunes but are at the stage in their careers where it actually looks a bit of an effort... Plus they have a song about picking up guys on myspace and taking him home and i love a bit of pop culture in my music...And they rock knee length boots like no-one else can (believe me I've tried). Their music is a mix of Destiny's Child mixed with TLC and given a slick british feel to it (like Thinkin It Over-esque Believe In Me). I think given an all out party pop-clash song these broads could really shine...
Song for consideration: Myspace to your place

Group number four: Digital (myspace)
Comments: My how i'm quite excited about Digital. They wear shiny eye catching jackets in their photo shoots. One of them has some weird but effective make up under his eye, which i hope he takes off at night or he will get quite bad acne (seems to be fine so far!). They do electro-clash covers of Blur songs. They call songs San Frandisco which is very obvious but also very genius. On the main myspace page, the dark haired one (with good popstar hair) looks like he is either about to headbut or make out with the person looking at the pic ie. you! I'd settle for the latter. So all in all Digital take the 80s and bring it right up to date with soaring synths, falsetto vocals, clubby beats and an enthusiasm that's actually pretty infectious. Me likey.
Song for consideration: Boys and Girls

Group number five: Driverside/Eighth Wave (myspace / myspace)
Comments: As i was writing this, i realised that Driverside were taking a break. Which is actually a real shame. You know how much I love BBMak/A1's third album? Driverside is the album that both those acts should have released next. Songs like Suddenly I'm A Fool strive for pop perfection and aren't far off - strumming guitars, harmonious vocals, catchy sing-a-long chorus and smooth production values make all their songs winners. They should seriously think about getting back together soon ;) But out of the ashes of Driverside rises Eighth Wave - who continue the work with a slightly rockier yet equally catchy song entitled Heartbreaker. Si seems to have been the frontman behind both groups, but he surrounds himself with equally talented bandmates. Can't wait to hear more...
Song for consideration: Suddenly I'm A Fool/Heartbreaker
Voting now finished for this category. Results published on Wednesday...:)


  1. Robpop said...
    Rubs my hands in anticipation!!!!!!

    Is it me or does the middle boy in DriverSide look like Pinkiedust?
    Robpop said...
    now i just await the musik!
    Paul said...
    you are indeed correct robertopop! he does look a little like long lost Mr Dust :) I'm quite into Driverside and also Digital...

    expect a long diatribe on Monday about the real x factor. Shocking week. As much as i love them, Eton Rd were appalling :(
    Poster Girl said...
    Sigh. Of course, the band I like most ("Suddenly I'm A Fool" shows nice potential!) would be the one on a break ;) And look at who they say that they sound like! It's like they're trying to see how many of my favorite groups they can cover! I will have to hold off voting momentarily, though, until I can actually get Digital's songs to play...oh wait, it's just started to play as I type, stopped again...anyhow--uh-oh...I'll have to go search out some YouTube videos from the sounds of it, to catch up on X Factor!
    Robpop said...
    Sigh! Myspace is totally monged. My vote went to Digital in the end. They are most different. Ella woulda gone for the danes...Now I woulda usually gone for the girls...Honey Couture however I feel that the song for consideration, Myspace to your Place, sounds too much like a Clea track so not totally original.
    Paul said...
    i do kinda like Digital, and perhaps i should have used another HC track - though i was never into Clea so never really knew what they sounded like... you should vote for the danes on Ella's behalf :) and LOL at "monged! hehe
    Anonymous said...
    3nity are really good!
    Anonymous said...
    digital for me, different sound to anything else out there at the moment, girls and boys could be a big hit.

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