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ooo typhoo!

COMPETITION TIME! Thezapping needs a new look! It certainly needs it's own header. If you have the skillz to come up with one that you think captures the ethos of this site (and even tell me how to put it up) then send it to my email as a jpeg file or as the code i need to copy and paste. If there are enough entries, I will post the best on the site and let you readers vote for your fave! The winner will not only earn my eternal gratitude, but will have thezapping logo up on my site for 2007! And! to sweeten the deal, there will be a £30 (or country equivalent) amazon gift voucher for the very lucky winner! Closing date 8th January 2007....
BE IN A BOYBAND! maybe - can you dance? Can you spin and twirl and boogie? Are you not ugly in the slightest with a probably quite fit body? And you will need to be able to sing as well. If so, then an up and coming funky boy band are looking to expand their membership and have asked me to help out - send me whatever you think will convince them to audition you (non pervy only please!!)to my email and I will pass it on to the boys. Note - i won't be able to give any feedback on whether they want to see you or not! They will get in touch with you directly! Good luck!.


  1. eLeMeNOhPeaQ said...
    I think you may need to change you blog's template if you choose to add a header. This is something I was wanting to do with mine, but then gave up when the other template's layouts didn't please my eye.

    I'm not very computer smart. I won't lie. But, if I was, I'd try my hand at creating one for you.

    In small case letters, have "don't underestimate the power of" before The Zapping! tilte. Follow that by one lonely and small case "(etc.)"
    HotstuffFiles said...
    For the code, you'd have to edit your template - and go to where the header is, and add <-a href-="theimageurl.jpg">

    You might also want to put that in a <-center-> and <-/center-> tag, if it is needed. Or, if you want some help putting it up - just email moi, and I'll put my hand on the line and do it for you!

    Or run away screaming like a little girl...!

    (PS: In the code, just remove ALL dashs)
    Paul said...
    thanks boys - i am definitely revamping the template of the site too to make it more personal... hopefully it will work and not crash and delete everything, which might make me sob just ever such a little bit!
    PinkieDust said...
    I just watched Jurassic Park on ITV for no reason.

    I hope that might help you in some way.
    PinkieDust said...
    Can I just say I love your manfashions! If i was only richer i'd be decked out in all the finest clothes you push here you little coco chanel!

    Saying that however I have changed my style in the past weeks. Just adjusting it away from chavtastic threads of Kicker/kangol and JJSport to something more fitting of my student life. I'm not sure its working though.

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