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There's nothing better for getting over a bout of poisoning than complete and utter rest over the weekend, a jumbo packet of minstrels (hey! I lost loads of weight so I can afford to put some back on), the doting attention of a loving boyfriend (RAR!) and a Sex & The City marathon (most of season two up to the episode where the hot albeit freaky politician wants to wee wee on Carrie in season 3). Just marv. I forgot how much I loved S&TC. And rather bizarrely it's made me want to watch Buffy from the beginning. With Ruthiepoos. Oh I know she will be so there! Other than that, I am glad to finally be feeling better. It's been a pretty poo week so I am happy to finally have squeezed out the last of the yuckiness from my body and it's back to looking and feeling fantastic again tomorrow. Oh! And thanks for all the lovely comments about the new look blog - it''s not quite done yet ;) And my fave comment comes from Bernice - "I can almost see straight up your nose..." Hmmm, quite. On with the blog...
Most of our lovelies are busy shucking off the new year hangovers, but some of the guys have been quite industrious already so lets fill you in on what our favourite popstars to be have been up to...

Beyond ~ the funky five piece have a whole slew of gigs and appearances coming up including one in Chelmsford on Jan 28th and rather excitingly the re-launch of the Popshow party in London on Feb 20th. Check their myspace for full details...

Lockdown ~ the fab four have the most excellent opportunity of opening for one of thezapping's fave big lunged big haired pop icons - Bonnie Tyler! Catch them (and her) on stage at AXM in Manchester on Feb 2nd. I'm miffed that there's every chance i'll be in NYC but if not, I'm so there!

Billiam ~ Nothing solid to report, but I have it from a very reliable source that the band have recorded their first single and it's very Wham-esque. I can't wait to hear it and see the new look boys in action. As soon as anything solid to report, i'll let you know ;)

Gavin Mikhail ~ Gavin's fantastic album is being released in Japan later this month with two bonus tracks - a new version of what would be my pic for second single Catch Your Fall and a brand new track. Check out Gavin's myspace to hear Banner Years - a song from his debut album that details his struggles to overcome the hard times. Amazing song!

Justin Lanning ~ episode five of Justin's World is now available on his myspace site and it may well be his funniest yet. If you want to see Justin in his undies (does he have morningwood?) prance around the house in a scarily similar manner to the way I do and then later on attempt a British accent, then head on over there now :)
The rest ~ Simon's busy label shopping, Conor has some exciting stuff coming up soon but can't say what yet, Bliss are busy promoting their single Take Me Home Tonight, Pacific Avenue are preparing for the launch of debut album (tell me how it is Susan! Email me!) and Digital are going for a whole new look a week from today... it's just gonna get bigger and better as the year goes on folks...

Each month I send a mix cd to my friends - have done for years, showcasing the songs that either are singles that month or should be singles. A while ago I mentioned that I would be sharing on here what is on this cd, so here is Januarys...
Leona Lewis ~ A Moment Like This
Switch 22 ~ Back To The Dancefloor
Lockdown ~ Poison
Evan ~ Under Your Spell
Aaron ~ Warzone
Sophie Ellis Bextor ~ Catch You
Bliss ~ Take Me Home Tonight
Ashley Tisdale ~ He Said, She Said
Mika ~ Grace Kelly
Justin Lanning ~ Voices
Daniel Kirkley ~ My New Dawn
Elton John ~ Tinderbox
Paolo Nutini ~ Rewind
Keane ~ Bad Dream
Snow Patrol ~ Hands Open
Rooster ~ I Come Alive
The Zutons ~ Little Things
The Feeling ~ Rose
The Ordinary Boys ~ I Luv U
The Magic Numbers ~ This Is A Song
Jag ~ Lover In Handcuffs
Quick Bitz/Blog Watch returns tomorrow
Coming soon: the first of thezapping record company single releases; a look at new tunes out on the "net"; a few swedish album reviews; thezapping book club returns; how to dress like a popstar from Lockdown; and lots more probably. I'm back!


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    I have to say, it's a little creepy with you staring down like that at the top of the screen as I read. At any rate, kudos for being able to take a picture of yourself while Darren was hoovering your knob.
    xolondon said...
    Oh that is dirrrty Dluv.

    Well, you know I think the banner is ubermod and there are no bats inthe cave, so to speak.

    Glad the beeeyotch is back!
    PinkieDust said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    PinkieDust said...
    dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtay DLuv! I never get such disgusting leering my blogs. Consider ur ya self cute mr.Zapping.
    Paul said...
    that was most coarse mr d'luv 2 luv u baby. I'll have you know our city centre apartment luxury shower is much bigger than that common Benidorm elevator/lift!

    i DO consider myself cute ;) modest, too....
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Sooooo modest :)

    I didn't mean to be dirrrRrrrRtYYy.

    I thought that's what that pic was 0:-) Although, I'm a bit suck crazy myself, since I just got the new Dirt Devil Kone as an Xmas gift for the missus.

    Oh, and Pinkie, I don't even know what blog you're posting on these days. I see you've got some other new one that you're keeping secret... at least to me :*(
    Poster Girl said...
    Great for Beyond and Lockdown! I wonder when we'll ever get real buyable songs from them. I'm looking forward to the Swedish album reviews!
    Ella Thorvaldsen said...
    I love the new look.
    Paul said...
    i was more offended that you thought that was our shower! Our shower is a magnificent specimen d'luv and can fit many cleaning devices in!

    Veronica! Hope to go and see both :)

    Ella - ta love! Thats quite the kudos coming from a style queen such as yourself!

    Don't forget my poll everyone!

    Take my poll!

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