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Do you ever come into work and have weird conversations with people? After my sex (and the city) marathon this weekend, I came into work and almost instantly someone started discussing their partner's desire to join the mile high club. Why anyone would a) wish to discuss this with someone they barely know and b) wish to try this anyway is completely beyond me. Perhaps it is the "thrill" of being caught or something, but most airplane bathrooms I have been in are tiny, usually smell very bad for which you always get the blame and always have a huge line of people waiting to go in after you even though when you went in no-one was waiting and they were all asleep after watching the movie. So no, I can't say it is something DazPlane and I have ever had the desire to try. The most romantic I think we ever got was when I tightly squeezed DazPlummet's hand when there was some vicious turbulence, only for him to put it back on my side of the armrest, proving that even in the face of death, public displays of affection are not his thing. God thing he's bloody brilliant in the sack then. On with the post…
. So, just one whole week late, we finally get to the first "release" of thezapping record company project, which is where we will "release" a single a week from one of our 11 in 07 people and you get to tell us just how good you think it is. And how could I start with anyone else but the lovely Simon. Now I agonised over what would be the first single from Mr. C – I know he would like something like Answer, but I am bowing to popular demand and my favourite song ~ Broken. Simply an epic pop song in four minutes, it has everything you could want out of life. A glorious chorus, stunning production values, top notch vocals and that insidious groove that lodges inside of your head almost instantly and refuses to leave. I can't say enough good things about this song so lets head on over to Will "hot man snogger" from Eye-Pod and see what he has to say…
"And Broken - Broken! I loved it after the first 5 seconds, this song has the potential to be the greatest pop song of the year, it is a perfect (and I can't emphasise the word enough) pop song – a catchy, instant, sit up and listen, well constructed, powerful song."
And you just know it's good when it gets the Veronica Mars seal of approval…
"I'm currently loving his Broken (Show Mix) (beware if you're going to listen to it--it's addictive!)--it definitely has that dark electro-pop sound going on, but it has a really catchy melody and strays away from the minimalism so popular in electro now (which can work well, but it's nice to mix it up every now and then)"
You can stream this rather magnificent track here! Then you just have to vote for the song, giving it a mark out of five as to how much you like it. The voting will end on Sunday at 5pm British time and the points will go into Simon's year end tally :)

out of five, what's your score for Simon's Broken?
one - its not really my cup of tea
two - it's ok I suppose
three - pretty decent
four - love it
five - the cats pyjamas free polls

LINK: Simon Curtis' myspace site
Well the chart rules changed this week and the world didn't come to an end, though it was nice to having Chasing Cars back in the top ten. So instead of reviewing the five top singles of the week (which was to be the regular feature starting here), this will be a review of our five fave tracks we have come across online that very week – some of which may be new releases, some of which may very well be album tracks or leaked releases. And there will be opinions in here from other bloggers too! Marv! So on with the reviews…
Daniel Merriweather ~ Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
This has to be the most glorious four minutes of pop melded with funk fused together with a hint of r'n'b, thrown in the air and sieved through pop's knickers that I have heard in a long time. A gritty percussion gives way to a unique and promising vocal from Mr. Merriweather on this Smiths cover. Produced by Mark Ronson, it's pretty much different to anything else on the radio at the moment in this country and for it's unique take on the pop world alone, it deserves status as runner up single of the week. Breathtaking.
Ashley Tisdale ~ Be Good To Me
We don't need another He Said She Said, because Ashley already gave us a corking debut single with that track. This peek into her debut album reminds us why we love her as she concocts another swirling Britney-esque pop gem that positively quivers with hook laden beats and pumping it to the max choruses. Ashley has an adorably sweet voice that wins her friends while Britney is out flashing her lady luggage to anyone with a camera…A swirling power pop confection of a track that makes us crave the 2 disc High School Musical dvd more than ever…
Fayden ~ Hypnotic
Can Jadion and Simon do no wrong? It certainly seems that way as this Simon Curtis penned golden nugget is a radio friendly dance jam that totally deserves to be heating up the airwaves pretty much anytime now. Fayden gives a fantastic vocal here and given his look, you can pretty much imagine a smoky video with some oily chest action (please!) and some gorgeous dancing girls all whipped up to choreographed dance routine heaven. This song screams for such decadence and the title is pretty prophetic as once heard, you are pretty much in it's thrall…
Antony Callea ~ Addicted
I really did like the lead off single from Antony's sophomore album. Live For Love was all pomp and splendour and then Daniel Kirkley came along, did it so much better with My New Dawn and completely kicked Antony's ass in the popstar hair stakes. But Ant ain't going down without a fight and Addicted is a more rocky, sing a long affair than his previous effort. I'd still choose Darin over Antony anyday in terms of upbeat pop perfection, but this is a fine tune and certainly deserves a spin…
Aaron ~ Warzone
And last but certainly not least, we have the lovely Aaron, whose stunning debut album I reviewed back here. The good news is that it is now available digitally on napster ahead of it's physical release in March. Leadoff single Warzone is a smart slice of funky pop that serves well as an introduction to Aaron's musical style and inimitable and increasingly addictive vocal style. As this gets serviced to the clubs, expect remixes to be flying around all over the shop – it's bound to be a huge dancefloor smash…
LINK: Daniel Merriweather's myspace site
LINK: Ashley Tisdale's myspace site
LINK: Antony Callea's myspace site
LINK: Fayden's myspace site
LINK: Aaron's myspace site (with album download information!)
It's always rather random as to what cds you will get for Christmas, particularly in the day and age of albums being freely and somewhat illegally available on the world wide web. So colour me surprised when Swedish singer Evan's sophomore album "Under Your Spell" landed under my tree. And colour me three shades of delighted when I listened to it and it was actually quite marvellous! Despite looking like the owner of a leather bar in Gran Canaris, Evan has an incredible amount of talent when it comes to producing music. He has worked with Bodies Without Organs and Agneta Falgstok and is now focusing on his own music. Lead off single Under Your Spell sounds like a glorious orgy between Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and Bodies Without Organs while Alcazar are filming. It's that good. Swirling synths, pulsating beats and a vocal that dips between falsetto and baritone all make this a familiar yet unique listening experience. The Moment I Miss You shows he can do love and regret equally as well as the next person as does current single Nobody Else Like You, while Dance With Me is a dancefloor stomper that has yearning lyrics and tragic love as it's undertone. Indeed poor Evan seems to have had a rough trot as unrequited love and heartbreak is the theme running throughout this lyrically downbeat yet musically uplifting album. Simply glorious and one I'll be checking back in on, on a much more regular basis…
While we are in Sweden (though not literally obviously, though would love to go) lets check in on the Bodies Without Organs remix album Halcyon Nights. Normally we don't like remix cds apart from Paula Abdul's Shut Up and Dance and Cathy Dennis' Move To The Music. Both sterling triumphs of the 1990 pop-dance era. Luckily, Halcyon Nights serves as a fine reminder of why I love this group so much in the first place as the catchy tunes still have pride of place, it's just the settings that have changed. Highlights include the Johan S remix of Obsession and an uptempo take on We Could Be Heroes. Factor in all the different interpretations you can take of their classics and you've got a bit of a winner…
MP3: BWO - Obsession Johan S Remix
MP3: Evan - Under Your Spell
LINK: Evan's official website
LINK: Purchase Under Your Spell
LINK: Purchase Halcyon Nights.

~ aw, look! Deborah Gibson is in Star Magazine! Fair made my day that has :)
~ Stewart Mac formerly of Triple8 is showcasing songs at the Hard Rock Cafe on 24th Jan. You can buy tickets here...
~ there are so many songs I love on Dan's Winter song list that i don't know where to begin. When i finally get around to writing a fairly succinct comment in the morning, i'll probably be frothing with glee...
~ Ugh, there aren't many singers I vehemently dislike but that skanky ho Amy Wine-o is one of them. Still for those of you taken in by her supposed genius, you can get a guilt free download of Rehab over at the always lovely Arjan...
~ Je t'adore Darren Hayes and so does that queer known as Electro - check out his rather marvelous post on him...
~ Gareth Gates has almost exactly the same kitchen as me! Shocker!
~ Nick has an excellent review of what's bound to be one of the albums of the year - the gets better with each listen Mika cd...
~ Poppostergirl is 6! Months old :) Happy birthday Veronica Mars!
Coming tomorrow ~ thezapping goes temporarily insane. Or indie. One of the two. A classic album from 1990. A fashion feature with Lockdown. And the usual preamble and quick bitz :) See u then...


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Aww! Thank you! :)

    For the record, when I voted for Simon, all was as it should be.

    Ashley Tisdale is suprising me--I was all ready to ignore her, but now I may have to actually pay attention! And the Daniel Merriweather song is brilliant.

    I've really liked what I've heard from Evan, but I wasn't sure how an album full of him would be, so I'm glad to hear it's good; I may have to get it...and, of course, I'm glad to hear the BWO album is good, too (though I'm still not hugely fond of the idea of an album full of remixes--it probably works for music like theirs, but I don't know that it's an album I'll pick up, maybe just enjoy a couple of the remixes).

    Seeing Gareth on the PJ front page was a pleasant surprise this morning, even if it was just about his kitchen :)
    PinkieDust said...
    Can i join this record company thang. As the teaboy? Will you have me? Er. I love the blog list (where woz me! Cry cry cry). Dancsblog is relevation and already in my favourites so thanks the tip!

    Is it possible to get a listen from mister curtis. All this hype and ive not heard this much loved+talked album of his!
    Paul said...
    VM ~ ashley is a bit of a surprise no? I'm shocked by how much i am grooving on her thang! And the evan album is REALLY good. Me likey.

    Pinksta - will email you later :)
    PinkieDust said...
    I keep on sneezing today.
    PinkieDust said...
    Am i employed at TheZapping Records?
    PinkieDust said...
    I'll even pour the milk!
    Will said...
    Thankyou for a flattering new nickname!

    Enjoyed your song picks for this week, good old Mr Curtis, again!
    Paul said...
    oh for the love of god pinkie you can scrub the floor :) Every good record company needs a scrubber!! haha :)

    Will - i think you should get a t shirt with that nickname on!
    Robpop said...
    Yay! i sent ya an email to hotmail...
    Adrian said...
    I loved Evan's fashion in his MF heat from last year. There was someething about the way the key chain was trailed under his crotch. It was very eyecatching!

    I really liked Under Your Spell too, thought it was one of the poppier moments last year. Pity it didn't do better.
    Paul said...
    he certainly seems to cater for a gay audience i think... i can't believe i wasn't even (evan!) aware of him before. Under Your Spell is a storming tune!
    Anonymous said...
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