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Hello all! The joy of little Darren returning all tanned and gorgeous from Gran Canaria and the excitement we both had for our little new york city sojourn has been slightly tempered by the fact that British Airways are choosing our holiday dates to go on strike. Guess who we are flying with? If you guessed stupid hateful evil British Airways then DING DING DING! You get a pocketful of broken dreams... BOO! Am slightly miffed and upset obviously especially as we can't find out until tomorrow whether we can change our flights or not - which is all well and good but we are very limited on when we can go as we both have new jobs to start soon. Sigh. Still at least that hot muffin of stud called Darren has returned and we have a night of hot and swinging loving planned so I will hurry up and get on with todays post. And remember, if the blog is a rocking don't come a knocking....
Well after Simon scored 93 points and last week Gavin "charted" somewhat lower with Brave scoring a still respectable 60 points, it is time to see what my favourite superheroes can do with their rather excellent track Back To The Dancefloor. I chose this song as the next release from my fictitious record company as after the cool pop of Simon and the classic pop of Gavin, I felt that this windy and enough to freeze your nipples off chilly January needed some out and out balls to the wall, pedal to the metal fun pop. And i chose this song as the "first release" from the boys because it has everything a decent pop tune needs. A little bit of novelty, some faux rapping, some kicking beats and a chorus that makes your love gusset quiver. Can't take my word for it? Then check out what these lovely people had to say...
Veronica Mars/Google Girl ~ "Back To The Dancefloor" is a slick dancefloor-oriented (of course) pop track with some rapidfire verses. I still think sampling the movie opening theme is hilarious.
NickAlienHitster ~ I love this track. In fact, I might even go so far to say that this is my favorite Switch 22 song I've heard so far. I don't particularly think it's single-worthy, but it is a fantastic electro-dance workout. There's a real freewheeling sense to it, yet it still manages to be delicious pop. If these guys can find their breakout track I think they could be big. While Back To The Dancefloor isn't quite what they need, it does show that they are definitely on the right track.
You can stream Back To The Dancefloor at Switch22's myspace page or by clicking onto myspace page where it will remain my chosen song this very week. And of course as usual you can vote for the song by clicking on the link below (take my poll) and mark it out of five.
LINK: Switch22's myspace site
LINK: Switch22's official home page
LINK: Purchase Switch22's debut EP
LINK: Take my poll!
Robert O'Connor ~ Ten Years Time
From the elegant splendor of the opening piano chords that lead into Robert's soothing and beautiful vocal that build into a chorus that makes gorgeous use of violin (?), this uplifting and somewhat forgotten Gabrielle number works extremely well and if there is any justice, this song will start to reach a wider audience as soon as possible. Plus, i mean look at the guy (above) ~ He's hardly been attacked with the ugly stick has he?!
DaveDigiTech: Was always a fan of the original Gabrielle version of this song, but this takes it to a different level. For some unknown reason, when I was listening to Robert sing this song, I just 'got' the lyrics much better than I ever did before! Definitely deserves to be a massive hit and I could imagine it being played in American TV shows such as The O.C or One Tree Hill. Brilliant song, beautiful lyrics and an amazing voice!! The perfect combination.
Nick: Didn't particularly like it. To me, his voice sounds a bit nasal and the song sounds far too much like it could be transcribed into a Hallmark card. Can't please everyone, I guess.
DanMan'sWorld: I really really like!! I'm a sucker for male singer/songwriters that can be all sensitive (and I'm not talking those fake ones - I can spot those a mile away!!) ;) which explains a huge part of my Casey Stratton love.
Darin ~ Insanity
I still maintain that this is the sort of quality track that Shayne Ward and slash or Gareth Gates should be producing - a little bit edgy, a little bit sinister and a lot catchy. Why this elfin features guy isn't huge in England is very much beyond my reckoning!
Googlegirl: though not every track on Break The News is worth listening to, the majority are, and they include some excellent songs; this is one of them. It's dark and slightly creepy, especially with those backing vocals that sound like something out of a haunted house, but electro or synthy at the same time, making for a really delicious combination. How Darin can release such amazing albums at a rate of one a year boggles my mind.
Dave: Definitely one of the best songs to date from Darin! It is a pop masterpiece, that sadly looks unlikely ever to receive a UK release (unless Shayne Ward records it for his second album rather than the boring ballads!!) It ticks all the boxes for what makes a great pop song, some chanting in the chorus, simple lyrics that get stuck in your head after just one listen and a catchy beat!! Should reach #1 across the world and stay there for months, but would probably settle for just a UK release, so I could actually go into my local HMV and buy Darin's album!!
Nick: This is the kind of jaunty teen pop that only a few countries are still doing well nowadays. This song by Darin makes me wish that Mr. Timberlake hadn't burrowed so far up his own butt and removed the lethal dose of pop that's so sorely missed in his current sound. Back to Darin, though, this is most definitely one of his better tracks.
Kaden ~ Live Fearless
I like Kaden a lot - he's not quite Simon Curtis level (or particularly close) but he does a sort of male electro pop Sugababes sound very well. And I'm a sucker for songs about taking chances so this funky little number had me from hello!
Nick: I'm a bit torn on this one. On the surface, it sounds like something I would hate. Blippy hip-hop beat… somewhat aimless melody. Yet, there's something about this that I like. Maybe it's the simplicity, maybe it's the repetition. Not sure. I wouldn't buy this, but I wouldn't mind hearing it on the radio.
Vanessa Carlton ~ Heroes and Thieves
I'm a sucker for a girl and her piano and i think Vanessa Carlton does great lead off singles and then I tend to lose interest. So up there with White Houses and A Thousand Miles this is another track that tickled my fancy but got a bit of a pasting from my esteemed colleagues!
Googlegirl: hmmm. Well, on first listen, this doesn't feel as compelling to me as her previous singles. However, it also sounds...unfinished? If so, maybe I'll like the final version more.
Nick: To me, here's a prime example of an artist that should have retired after her first album. Sure, White Houses was great, but who remembers anything besides that? This may just be the worst I've heard from Vanessa so far. What is up with her voice in the chorus? She sounds a bit like a goat. I doubt whether that was intentional. Plus, the song is a complete bore.
Dave: Was a little aprehensive before listening to this song, knowing that Vanessa is now signed to Irv Gotti's The Inc label, home to Ja Rule and Ashanti, among others. Was half expecting her to have gone 'urban' but I need not have worried this is classic Vanessa. If you have liked any of her songs since A Thousand Miles, then you will love this. Although part of me is slightly curious as to whether she may have a couple of urban sounding songs on her new album or perhaps a guest rap from Ja Rule????
The Magic Numbers ~ This Is A Song
The Numbs always represent musically perky lyrically depressing songs that sound amazing played loud in the car on a summers day or at V festival and any song of theirs always conjurs up memories of times with my little ruthiepoos! Bless. So another slice of their particular brand of millenium Wilson Phillips is alright with me...
Dave: Another great track from The Magic Numbers, have loved both their albums. They just keep releasing brilliant uplifting songs, that can even put a smile on your face on a wet and windy Wednesday morning when you're driving to work!!
GoogleGirl: I've not really listened to that much by the Magic Numbers, but this is adorable! It's the sort of song you want to cuddle with. It's very pretty and, though not really "poppy," I'd say it has a pop sensibility to it. I really like it.
Nick: I kind of hate to say it, but I've never really understood the Magic Numbers mystique. It seems that whenever I listen to them, I'm constantly being reminded of better bands. While this track isn't enough to turn me around completely, it is pleasant enough. I just wish there was a little more attitude… some oomph, maybe. Kudos for the (unintentionally?) funny title, though.
Thanks to the gang for their words! Love that Nick has in one week become the Simon Cowell of thezapping :) Will be mailing out new songs for review soon, so if you want to be in on it just let me know!
. Remember when there were just four tv channels and all were analogue? Well one day pop pundits in the know will debate the days when there were just 3 of Digital before they suddenly became huge and started doing sexy cat-walk esque photo shoots as a five piece above! Two of the songs I have already reviewed (here) have been beefed up and had the new lads vocals added (how annoying that must be - i promise not to call them the new lads again!) and still sound mighty fine. I'm particularly loving San Frandisco at the moment and the pic of them that Baz sent out in the Digital newsletter (above) looks like they are sitting on top of Selfridges in Birmingham. Uber marv. However, it's Dancefloor Officer that I want to discuss today. This song was originally offered to the Sugababes but i think it is more suited to a male vocal style and i really like the treatment it has been given. It's all a bit chaotic - and that may not sound terribly complimentary, but actually it is. Chaotic is the perfect word for the song and what it is trying to explain - dancefloors are often crazy crowded places and the music in this song conveys that perfectly. It's all exciting electro beats and an insistent crescendo-ing organ effect running throughout the verses before leading into a slick chorus that positively bounces and hops along, screaming out for a slick sexy dance routine and culminating in a frenzied melee of harmonised vocals and the addictiveness of popping bubble wrap. I like my pop instant, loveable and sassy - and this covers all those bases. At this early point in their career, I'm still proud they are in my 11 in 07 feature :) PS ~ the second one from right is a little bit rar, n'est pas!
STREAM: Dancefloor Officer at the boys myspace site
~ Bloody hell! It's all goodies at arjan's place today! Tracy Thorn! Dangerous Muse! A Kiss Could Be Deadly! Ah, the glamorous life of magazine editors...
~ Lord have mercy - i honestly thought there were 23 girlbands in the world. I was so very wrong. Robopop sets the record straight in MAMMOTH style :)
~ I hope he takes this as the huge compliment it's meant to be as we love that little Electroqueer, and his boyfriend is definitely homina love-wee worthy ;)
~ No update from popjustice today? Lazy bastards ;)
~ Veronica Mars sets about investigating Antony Callea's latest single...
And finally a very happy second birthday to the Chartrigger blog - not only is it my first port of call every Sunday to see what's in the British charts before I even check the official page, but there are plenty of other wittily, snarkily written features that tickle my fancy. And J'Ason is a charming fellow who i feel privileged to have got to know! Hurrah! Join me tomorrow on the next episode of a very special zapping....(it's Darren's birthday!)


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Hah! "Investigating"--I love it! That makes be sound even more Veronica Mars!

    I just can't believe that's the final version of that Vanessa Carlton song, and I just don't mean audio quality-wise. Her voice...I don't know. But I'm glad you like it :)

    Good luck with your plane issues--hopefully it all works out.
    Robpop said...
    I actually can't wait for this years first popshow. the headliners (Electric Dolls) look so good. I so want F-Ella to be there but it clashes with something in New York. I

    I still havent finished this editing this batch of girlbands. Not only was it far bigger than I'd expected but I also won the most coveted prize of the Awards season-ChartRiggers Take That album. I was so happy i couldn't really focus on the post.

    As for British Airways. I have many friends who work at the airline and I actually support the action. I am travelling to Paris on the first day they strike (i am going by train however...i was forewarned of the action so thought land was better-it'll still be hectic though).

    Did you know that management removed two cabin crew for every flight Paul? The airline did this 5 years ago to save money. They promised their staff that it was just a temporary measure especially as it put the passengers at risk and overworked the remaining crew.

    Well that was then and the airline still hasnt amended the standard consignment of staff per flight.Which is why they are striking...So in a way this is a good thing as British Airways might put back the staff and flying might be a more comfortable in future(and safer!).
    Robpop said...
    Oh, and I wanted to say good luck with your new job and have fun in New York!
    Robpop said...
    Oh, and kudos for reminding me about that excellent Cathy Dennis track. Luv it!
    Paul said...
    Google Girl ~ maybe its not the final version. it does sound a little bit demo like??

    Rob - yay that was such a good CD track :) I'm not against the workers of BA striking at all, and have been on strike myself in previous jobs to support people who aren't getting the benefits and security they should be. Sigh - i guess it's just frustrating as a traveller to not know until possibly after i travel as to whether there will be a flight home or not! Have fun on the train in Paris :)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Pablov, I hope your travel plans work out. I actually had a dream that I was on a flight last night to some midwest State, but my return flight was scheduled for some little commuter plane, and I was desperately trying to get upgraded to a bigger airline carrier. What does that have to do with anything? Don't know...

    Awww, and thanks for the nice mention. I'm glad we got to be blogbuddies this year, too :) Keep me posted on when you guys will be out this way. I think you mentioned some time this summer?

    And happy birthday, DazProbe! I'll have to give you your "present" in person, though...

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