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Good day to you all! You may well be wondering who the fine looking young dude is above... well, it's the rather lovely Ben Barnes who stars in the History Boys that the magnificent Kirsty and I went to see in London yesterday. And proper bonza it was too. We had a delicious ham and cheese croissant prior to the show and it was the same cast that I saw with K back in October (and that I reviewed here... remember Pinkie's "contentious" review in comments? It was his first ever comment on my site at first and i was like, 'how rude! It's like a complete stranger coming into your house and rubbishing your dvd collection!' Still, i am very magnaminous so I let it pass ;) You can also read my movie review here). We were both completely knackered on the train home though! Although we spiced up the journey by me introducing Kirsty to her first flick through a gay mag - she pretended to read the articles, but I suspect she was eyeing up the half naked fashion models. As you do. Still as Darren and Nick (Kirsty's husband) are away, we were content to drool over pics of Ben Barnes in the History Boys programme to while away the hours - it was a love wee and lady love wee dribble fest ;) But enough about all that - i had a good old clean of the house today and sorted out our dvd cupboard, as well as a visit to the folks and a bit of shopping. Lovely... Right, on with the post...
Well goodness, haven't my gang been excessively busy! And rather brilliantly Popshow is as clued up as me or I am as clued up as them for several of my guys are performing at the next evening on Feb 20th 2007 at Soho Review Bar. So if you can pop along you'll be supporting Switch22, Digital, Beyond as well as zapping faves Jean and Electric Dolls. Bound to be a well bonza night out. Marv (just for Bernice!). Right on with them act by act!
The super heroes of pop are busy working on some exciting new tracks (with Electric Dolls) that I am very excited to hear...and of course, they'll be at the popshow on 20th Feb. Plus yay! I am one of their top myspace friends. Marv.
Gavin Mikhail has released his fab album Like Normal People Do in Japan and you can purchase from trolley bus records here (works out at about $19 with p&p). You can also check out one of the bonus tracks - Not Enough (acoustic) at his myspace site right now! A review of that track is coming tomorrow...
Well, my my my! You turn your back for a week and Jordan has left the group and now Digital is a five piece with a completely new look. Still totally worthy of being in my 11 in 07, welcome Charlie, Jon and Josh to thezapping and head on over to their site to check out reworked versions of Boys and Girls and San Frandisco. Plus I have it on good authority from the lovely Baz that a new track is heading to myspace... If it's up for tomorrow, i'll review it then!
. .
And bugger me with a banana, my lovely Bliss girls have gone and had a saucy new make over too! And most glam they look too. I'm loving the logo and the simplicity of the shot and oh boy they all have great legs! Not to sound too gay but Brittany's hair looks aces ;) They are still working on their new track Resist, which I hear sounds fantastic. Can't wait to hear it. Check out their myspace for more great pics...
Beyond have also had a sexy new makeover in what looks to be their most successful photoshoot to date. The girls look suitably sultry and sexy with major popstar pouting going on while the boys don't half scrub up well - Kevin has a great t shirt on and clearly hasn't over done his subtle wrist accessory, while Andy's hair looks v. pop idol and i'm envious of his green jacket - i tried on one similar today and i looked very mutton. So all in all a great shot! Thanks to Wayne for forwarding me a HQ image...
Best of the rest ~ I'm still dying to do a review of a couple of Simon Curtis tracks but haven't heard back yet! I heard from Stephan from Billiam this week and they have a great cover version coming out soon and an 80s inspired track that i know I am going to die for - that's all i can say about that now!
If you didn't get the first (slightly belated as it will usually be out the same day as Observer Music Monthly!) volume of this then all you need to do is click here. Here are my bonza pics of the best new music for February...
Simon Curtis - Put Your Make Up On
Take That - Shine
Westlife - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
G4 - Somebody To Love
Gavin Mikhail - Catch Your Fall
Emma Bunton - Life In Mono
Delta Goodrem - Flawed
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around (radio edit)
Christina Aguilera - Candyman
Jessica Simpson - Fired Up
Conor - Club 55 (radio edit)
Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
Nerina Pallot - Learning To Breathe
Jewel - Quest For Love (from Arthur and The Invisibles)
Sandi Thom - Superman
Indigo Girls - Pendelum Swinger
Just Jack - Starz In Their Eyes
BNL - Bull In A China Shop
Good Charlotte - The River
Hurrah! Rose is alive. Well we knew that anyway, she is just living in alterna-earth where she can't get to the doctor. But she is also alive on this audio adventure read by the very lovely David Tennant - it was free in the radio times so I only feel marginally guilty about posting it here! It's a spine tingling story of a ghost ship, a doomed crew and a terrible secret...ooooo! And i'll upload The Stone Rose next week :)
~ check out my latest holiday diary archives at the link at the top of the page or here...
~ and check out an visual appreciation of The History Boys along with a clip from the original radio play over at the spinoff blog (thanks Dan for the logo on the revamped site!)
~ AND! as i was busy shopping today, check out my fashion show of what i bought now that i have finally worked out self timer on the camera!
~ Plus as Darren is away for another day yet, I'm a bit bored and lonely. Sniff. So leave me lots of comments on all my sites and myspace! I'm needy and desperate for love ;)
~ as usual D'luv has all the goss on the British charts. Yay for Mika and Just Jack. But for the only chart that counts look to your right - i've just updated it ;)
~ When NickAlienHit says that Erik Faber has delivered what should have been Keane's comeback single, you gotta trust him. And trust him I did - when this boy is right, he is very right.
~ Will is out of time, but thezapping loves what he is juicing at the mangina over this week :)
~ Google girl vernocia marses out the next McFly single then shocks the blogging nation by writing about a girl! Shut Up! (said Ugly Betty Style)
~ This may well be the funniest thing i have seen this weekend!
~ American Dan continues to be the man and finally gets round to his post about my brother Antony's favourite Eurythmics album...
Coming this week ~ the singles review on Monday (still time to get your opinions in guys!!), some more new myspace artists; forgotten songs from pop dusted off for today's acts; back to boyband retrospecticus; a look at new songs from Digital and Gavin Mikhail; i'm off to new york but have some stuff planned for you any"hoo" BE good!


  1. DanProject76 said...
    If that is the funniest thing you have seen this weekend then I am bemused that you are amused by my blog post! It was a cheap throwaway gag... but thank you anyway!

    Ditto for using the logo for the spin-off blog. Now I really want to see The History Boys.
    Poster Girl said...
    Woah! That's quite the change in the Digital look, both in number and style! They're all pastel-y now.

    It's very "awww" to see that Gavin display case--I'm so glad he's doing well in Japan! Plus, "Gavin Mikhail" is still a great name.

    I really need to go back and catch up on some Doctor Who--I'm sure I'd love it. I just never seem to have time for TV (or maybe I'm just worried about taking another TV show into my heart?)
    Stu said...
    That Ashley Tisdale song is the only thing (with the exception of Nelly Furtado) that has come out of the US in a looooooooooooong time...I can't wait to hear if her album holds up to the rest...
    Paul said...
    Dan - i was tittering away for minutes when i saw it :) And you should go and see the history boys. it's proper marv.

    PPG/VM/GG - i know - i just put them in water and they grew and grew! Mirac!Ps you should get into Dr Who - its only 13/14 episodes a year and i don't think it's going anywhere!!

    Stu - i am excited for that album!!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Aw, a radio edit of "What Goes Around" obviously will take out the "Comes Around" part at the end, which is the best part! It sounds very Pet Shop Boys with the backing vocals, I think...

    The Ashley TIsdale album is just 'okay.' Don't get your hopes up too much. There is a really great song on there that sounds like Kylie... can't remember what it's called, though... it kinda sounds like "Burning Up" off Fever.

    And thanks for the mention!

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