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As a child we would all sit around on a saturday singing "saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for sunday", which was a load of old bollocks really, cos saturday is much better than Sunday. The shops don't even open til later on a sunday which is a right jip. Anyway, what a busy saturday morning I have already had. DazPotato and I scrubbed the apartment from top to bottom (him being top me being bottom, ba dom tssk!) and had a good tidy up and then were exhausted so I had four croissants and darren had a lovely bowl of scotch broth. We then went out to test his new GPRS tom tom thingy which he got far too overstimulated over and I wanted to kill the voice telling me to turn round because I had gone the wrong way. Marv. We are off for a bop tonight so expect lots of pictures and some drunken ramblings tomorrow. It's all good! And of course there is still today's post for me to write! Huzzah - all hail the blogmaster...
Andi is one of my myspace friends and was kind enough to let me use his review of my lovely Eton Road at the Nightingale Club which is just round the corner from my house. I so would have been there, but was freezing my tookus off in NYC...
"Eton Rd & Ben Mills at The Nightingale Club Birmingham.

Fantastic X-Factor night doubled up as a New Year Eve Re-run party! What should have been a fun evening turned into a bit of a brawl! The club seemed to be focussed on making as much money as possible and let a stupid ammount of people into the club which meant the place was in a right mess! The toilets were discusting, took ages to get served at the bar (however they were still polite and friendly and were doing their best!) and lastly crowd troubles! I know it sounds stupid to say crowd troubles at a night club but us all at the front were getting so squashed because stupid queens felt it absolutly hilarious to push others in the crowd! Security were about as usefull as a condom in a nunnery! Thinking bitchy stares at people would solve the problem, why they just request the DJ to make an announcement or chuck out the people who they could clearly see where causing it I have no idea!

Anyway enough of the complaints but it sadly did over shadow the show put on by Ben and Eton Rd!

Ben Mills was on first sporting his new hair style by Nicky Clarke! He came on to stage and was greeted by some 'boos' which I didnt think wasvery nice, he started off with 'Still haven't found what I'm looking for' followed by 'Maggie' and 'Brown Eyed Girl' I have to admit I did start to get a bit bored at this point and the songs went on a bit Boring Ben styley! But he finished with The Aerosmith Classis 'Don't wanna miss a thing' which was good!! You can't deny the fact the guy has a great voice, but the songs he performs are a bit obvious and boring, I do hope he works with some great song writers and does something good! Not the sort of act that should have been booked for the Nightingale in my opinion!

Well FINALLY at 2am, after being pushed, squashed,and leaned on by a guy so drugged up Pete Doherty would be envious it was time for Eton Rd!!!!

They ran on stage to perform 'I Dont Feel Like Dancing', 'Me To You', followed by 'My Girl' however Anthony and David were quite clearly singing 'My Boy', They continued with the fab ABBA track 'Does Your Mother Know' which was great! Then thrusting the middles to 'Everybody needs Somebody' before finishing with 'I Dont Feel Like Dancing'. I thought Eton Rd were great entertainers but feel they really do need to work on their act slightly. Some people have said they are a new Take That which I think with time they could potentially, but they need to work more together and Anthony definatly needs to get more involved! They have a great look, great voices, they now need to work on the stage performance! Gorgeous guys considering the youngest is17! I hope they get a record deal! Looking forward to the X-Factor tour!!!"

Thanks to Andi for letting me use his sterling review. You can check out his myspace page by clicking here and listen to an interview with Eton Road from some Liverpool radio station by clicking here...
I'm not allowed to say fuck anymore. Well of course i am as it's my blog and i'll fuck if i want to, but i really should give my poor dad some warning. I think it caused him some consternation when he read the other day that DazPersuasive had bumsexed me into wanting a skyplus box (which still isn't bloody working properly). It was all "does bumsex mean what i think it does? I tried that with your mother once but she wasn't having any of it so i pretended that i had got the wrong hole!" Oh my god. Who says blogging won't lead to years of therapy. Anyway my fuck was directed at the outrage raised in me when i read the nominees for the NME awards. The feeling as worst band and album? Russell Brand as best dressed? Pete Doherty as hero of the year?!?!? Oh sweet lord. And i'm too bored to even comment on the Brit Awards. It's all cool for the sake of looking cool. Next AA will be honouring Amy Wino for something or the other. Filthy lush. So instead why not vote for your top ten pop albums of all time by emailing your selections and comments to I'm Always Right. Or you could even go to the gay times awards and vote for the feeling as best band, Simon Curtis as best solo artist and thezapping as best website. Make me proud dudes!

Forbidden Broadway has been running several years and is a whipsmart parody of some of the biggest shows close to 42nd Street. Turning the most popular songs into conversational set pieces, this proper revue act turns the flaws of the shows and juciest gossip flying around times square into hummable ditties. The latest show ~ Special Victims Unit ~ parodies Thoroughly Modern Millie, La Cage Aux Folles and my fave, the beloved Wicked (see Pinkie's more detailed synopsis on the song Wickeder here!) Linked together the story is as wafer thin as Britney's voice but is stil an enjoyable romp. As is Musical of Musicals which is currently running at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington. It too has patiches of musicals, fun performances and lots of in jokes about How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria. By utilising the musical styles of composers like Kander and Ebb, Lloyd Webber and Rogers and Hammerstein, the show feels more cohesive than Forbidden, but there is no denying that both are an awful lot of fun...
LINK: Purchase Forbidden Broadway
~ it's almost a banterview but it's not titled as such as Moogaboo and J'Ason take apart the broad who didn't win the last American Idol and put to rights her only ok album...
~ Ooo Dirrrtypop go all wholesome and
interview minx in making Ashley Tisdale!
~ There is no point in highlighting one song on
Nick's site - they are all so good, so get on over there and have a gander. giddy up!
Will has a very exciting track by Mint Royale that samples wham just in time for my weekend going out mix cd. More acts should sample wham...
Samuel hotstuffguy has the video for my FAVE lily allen song Alfie. Marv.
~ OOO! New mcfly single covers over at I'm Always Right. How spunkerific.
~ Have i mentioned recently that modern fabulosity continues to document all things modern and fabulous. I could take up half a page telling you what, but honestly it's much better for you to just go there and revel in the silky goodness...

Coming soon ~ the new york adventure in full glorious technicolour; my night out; an 11 in 07 update and something else i was going to do but can't remember right now!!!


  1. Robpop said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Poster Girl said...
    You can't have another post yet--I haven't gotten to comment on the last one yet! :) I'd like Eton Road to do well, too, though I'd pretty much heard what this reviewer said--they really need to work on their performances.
    Robpop said...
    Oops! I pressed delete!

    OMGawd. I'm loving this Forbidden Broadway stuff. I'd love it if they came to London.

    I really like Eton Rd do something wonderful. They could totally deconstruct boybands...if the record company had the guts to take it on. They could potentially make Westlife and McFly yesterdays news.
    Paul said...
    Oh robpop - fancy pressing delete! How was (gay) paris??! I would love Eton Road to do something amazing. Sadly i don't think they will get the opportunity...

    PPG ~ you gotta be quick to keep up ;)
    Roo said...
    Paul - the panini thing, good choice,they are brilliant.

    I laughed myself silly at the thought of my father reading anything with bum or sex in the same paragraph,let alone on something I had written. I can hear him now spinning in his plot, bless him.

    Good luck with the new job, and you are so right, suits are sexy. I remember when I first saw Peter in one, and still think phwoar.. cheers
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Eton Road look like they each got a beating with the ugly stick at one point or other. It's nice they let the transgendered girl join the group, though.

    I'm always highly shocked when I see your sex life played out here since a) your parents read it, and b) your parents read it.

    But do you ever feel like you're being sexist when you address the readers as "dudes," since not all of them are male? Who knows, you could be alienating your key demographic.

    Can't wait to read your naughty tales of biting the Big Apple.
    Paul said...
    i am an equal opportunities blogger and dudes is an increasingly gender free form of expression that touches hearts and minds across the world. ta-dah!

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