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time for a quickie??

Hello peeps. It's not like me not to blog so I think you will understand when I say I was sooooo tired yesterday. I had a really long (but ultimately good) day at work yesterday (friday) and by the time I got home, all i wanted to do was collapse on the couch with a dazpanini made Panini and flick through magazines. So i did. And very nice it was too. What's even more pathetic is that I was in bed by ten thirty pm reading a book ;) Ooo, as good charlotte once said "lifestyles of the rich and the famous!!" Except I am not rich. Or famous. Boooo! Anyway, just a quick post today to get a few things up and out there i've been meaning to post for a while. And finally got around to! Hurrah for me, etc. (PS back to normal on Sunday!!)

Huzzah! It's the 67th birthday of Gillian Margaret Winifred Millward Reynolds today and she is as an amazing mother as you could ever wish to have. Quite comfortable with words like "bum love" and "jizz", she also has undying love for Robbie Williams and William Young. So clearly we get along. Plus I've never seen anyone who can eat so many jaffa cakes and still not be 20 stone! Happy Birthday mom!!
Honestly, if you haven't read my continuing raves about Simon Curtis being the most exciting thing to happen to pop in ages then you need to click the tab with his name at the top of this page :) And if you click the picture above you will get a guilt free mp3 of a sampler of 4 top tracks from his forthcoming Alter Boy cd. So if you didn't download it when it was posted a few weeks ago, make sure you do it now!!
~ Lost in Limbo: Above is the launch promo for new pop website Lost in Limbo that celebrates forgotten pop acts and seeks out the best new ones. It's bound to be good as it has a blog from thezapping faves Digital and a pod from thezapping hottie Robert O'Connor. Rar. Matt who runs the site is a bit of a web genius so I am slightly jealous at how amazing it all looks :) It launches today so make sure you book mark it and continue to check it out!
~ Leon is a long time thezapping reader who has just created a new blog called Slippy Disco and most amazing it is too. I love it when readers feel inspired to write about the music they love and you can be sure i will be checking out this site on a regular basis.
~ Finally there is a rebranded Digital Technique up and about with all the same magnificence as usual. DT contributes to thezapping singles selections committee and is jolly good at it too. It's nice to find someone who is constantly as excited by new pop :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Smashing!! Thanks for the shout out, Paul. As I said before, it is all down to you, you have been an inspiration to me with your excellent blog. I'll stop gushing now :)
    PinkieDust said...
    No. I gush over Paul ALL the time.
    Poster Girl said...
    I'm eagerly anticipating that interview with Ben Adams, though I know there will probably be no actual information about what I really want to know (new single? album?).

    I still don't like the title of that Natasha song, but I like the song, even though 95% of the world seems to hate it. I can't really imagine it being all of the radio, though, but maybe that's just my sense of US radio influencing what I expect elsewhere. It's just so cute and happy! One type of those electronic beeps is just so adorable I can't dislike the song, despite the "la la la" part, and I'm not sure about the "babies babies babies" part or the "see 'em springing up like daisies" line.
    Poster Girl said...
    Ooo, just remembered (and how could I forget?), happy birthday to your mom!

    (I'm in mourning over Magnus...)
    Paul said...
    Leon - yay! I think your blog is aces. it's on my favourites links and when i put up the new website on the 28th (i'll email you a sneak peek) you'll be in the links page :)

    Pinkie ~ gush away my son!

    PPG - poor MAgnus. Yay for birthday shoutout to my mom! She reads your blog :)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I love that your parents are just as big Starbucks fans as mine! Though I hope the Matron Zapping will forgive me for thinking upon first look that she was doing lines in that photo...

    Sorry! It was the strategically placed straw or stirring stick in the mug :-(

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