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the gay class merc!

Hello dudes! I have returned from a brief break from blogging (very brief!). I don't know what happened to me this weekend - i got home from a really good day at work on Friday and was far too tired to do anything. Then on Saturday I just wasn't in the mood to do anything, and I was kind of in a mood too, though for the life of me I couldn't work out why. And not knowing why I was in a mood made it almost impossible to shake the mood. So DazPatient and I decided to go out with some friends on the evening and despite us both looking dazzling (!) it was just hell. For me. Darren had an amazing time. By midnight I decided I definitely couldn't get into the mood and went home. My lovely little D walked me home before returning for a boogie. And Sunday was just irritating! I was just tired and moody all day, though miraculously I didn't take it out on Darren. And then our vacuum cleaner blew up :O So we had to go and buy a swanky new cleaner and spunked far too much money on it. And how co-inky-dinky! Dan also got a new hoover this weekend. I swear we are kindred spirits! Finally the evening rolled around and Ruthiepoos and I went to see The Feeling in concert (see below) which really snapped me out of my melancholy! And picking my car today was a big cheer up for me as well :) Huzzah. I guess sometimes we just need a "wallow weekend" of self pity... So I already have ideas for todays, tomorrow and Wednesdays post - and don't forget next week, all new thezapping launches. You know you are all love weeing and lady love weeing at the thought...

Ruthiepoos and I have now seen the marvelous Feeling 4 times in 12 months. And each time has been truly magnificent. They were one of the first bands I championed on this blog and it was a real thrill to see lots of other people start to appreciate their music in the blogging world, and the band proved to be a huge success in England and Europe (I'm pretty sure America is beckoning!). The set list was exactly the same as when we saw them late last year, with one exception, yet it was still an exciting and energetic performance. Here are some highlights:

~ the concert was in Wolverhampton (how alienhits ;) ) so Ruthiepoos drove us there and I navigated. Rather brilliantly as well.
~ I decided to pay homage to Dan Gillespie (Sex)Sells by wearing a cool white shirt, sleeves rolled up and a waistcoat. I looked amazing, natch ;)
~ the line for the booze was amazingly long. We passed the time by judging other people in our minds which is always fun. There was an enormously large woman in a some sort of mumu/cardigan that really made me rub my eyes and doubletake at the horrificness of it all. Trinny and Susannah that woman now!
~ Once we had got our booze (water), we moved into the main hall and some random young ragamuffin asked where i got my waistcoat from, was mostly disinterested in the answer and then said "are you a gay? Is it ok to ask that?" I confirmed that I was indeed "a gay". Sweet Jebus...
~ He then high fived me (presumably for being "a gay" in a waistcoat) which i ashamed to admit i reciprocated. His equally drunk/strung out buddy then lead him away. Probably to experiment with "bumlove"
~ Some posh person in front of us had his v-neck on back to front. We couldn't tell if he was being ironic or not. V necks are not designed to be worn back to front. He looked like he was wearing a fashionable strait jacket.
~ Bring it on haters ~ The Fray were surprisingly good if inoffensive. Highlights of course were How To Save A Life (which they spunked 2 songs too early in my opinion) and Over My Head.
~ Though apart from the guy in the brown shirt, they are ugly as fuck and the lead singer was wearing a baggy illfitting t-shirt. Which just won't cut it when you are touring with people as effortlessly stylish as The Fee.
~ The girls behind us were ridiculously annoyed that the main show didn't start til nine thirty. One of them had to be up early apparently. Yikes. Poor luv.
~ The concert started off with that amazing
Fill My Little World intro from the last concert that leads into the very beach boy-esque and perfectly harmonised I Want You Now.
~ Fill My Little World is still the most amazing song I have heard for years.
~ There is no filler on the feeling album. And they did Join With Us again. Ruthiepoos and I were happy.
~ New addition to the set was an utterly rocking Fat Bottomed Girls cover. Insanely amazing.
~ Dan looked as lovely as ever, but I may have transferred some of my affections to Mr Ellis-Bextor. He has a very adorable floppy fringe/bangs and wore red braces that made me feel gooey downstairs
~ Ruthiepoos and I are now going to see them at some concert in a forest in June. Huzzah.
~ Blue Picadilly is still the most perfect song to end their set on. Ironic too seeing as it is about trains and the last one left for Birmingham about 10 minutes before they played it ;)
~ Je t'adore la feeling.

LINK: Check out my previous feeling concerts here, here, and here. Marv.
LINK: For gods sake buy 12 Stops and Home if you haven't already!

Usually I do a nice update for my fine 11 to watch in 2007 on a Sunday. But i was in the midst of my weird depression so I couldn't be bothered. However, one of the things i'm proudest of with this blog is this feature. Not only have most of the acts involved been extremely helpful with keeping me up to date with their news and gossip, as well as giving me sneak previews of music, etc., but they have turned out to be super nice people too. You know who you are!! I've done interviews with Switch22 and Simon Curtis (with more interviews and features coming soon!) and been delighted when other blogs have picked up on the fine music provided by three of the artists in particular - which has been more and more often lately. Electroqueer has picked up on Simon Curtis and Switch22 (and is also partial to a bit of Gavin). Fab new site LostinLimbo has a blog from the super lovely Digital and has highlighted the S22 boys as hot new talent. Digital Technique absolutely raves (RAVES) about the Digital single this week in Singles Selection (below). Will at EyePod loves Simon. It's all rather exciting - and even though it's the music and vitality of the acts that has the word spreading, I can't help but feel i may have contributed ever such a little bit. I can't wait for the word on other acts to start spreading. So thanks to everyone who checked out the music and keep doing so at the link tab at the top of the page.

The absolutely smashing Digital boys have recently recorded what may be the perfect debut single - entitled Get your Kit Off. I only wrote about it a few weeks ago so I am just going to recap what I wrote there:
" And if you think that was good prepare for some spine ting-dingly goodness with Get Your Kitt Off with some inventive electroclash sounds, some essential boyband chanting and some slightly arousing filthy pervy lyrics. The chorus is the sort of tune that will appeal to drunk boys down the pub, gay boys down the club and have teen girls across the country screaming in anticipation for the hopefully half naked oil based video. First single material if ever i heard it. PS - the club mix ups the ante to the nth degree and reminds me of the very best of 5ive, Girls Aloud and V all on one single. RAR indeed!!"
But don't just take my word for it - the marv Dave at Digital Technique has this to say...
"This is what pop music in 2007 is supposed to sound like! Haven't stopped listening to this all week, it is absolutely 100% pure pop brilliance!! Can you guess I quite liked it! Surely they must be one of the biggest pop acts by the end of this year - if not then there is no justice! Although it is only February, I am quite confident in saying that this will feature highly in my top 10 of 2007 in December!!"
STREAM: Get Your Kit Off at Digital's myspace site

~ Girls Aloud v Sugababes: Walk This Way:
Hmmm. When I first heard this, I thought it was an appalling idea. But I thought I had to cut it some slack as its for charidee, etc. Then I saw the video which made me like it somewhat as it was kind of entertaining. Anyway, it's an ok track but fun enough considering it's meant to be for comic relief. Still, I think that it's somewhat behind the genius of Gareth Gates and McFly's offerings, but a little ahead of Westlife.

NICK (ALIEN HITS): What a bizarre cover to choose for this collaboration. This is an absolute mess to me. Too much going on and the song does not fit either group at all. I'm not a real fan of covers of such popular songs anyway. There should have been a smashing new track for these girls to record together that wasn't so karaoke.
DT: Was a little aprehensive about this song, as love the original and couldn't really see how this could work but I was definitely wrong. Both groups are sounding great and the added bonus is that it is a charity single make it even better! Nice to hear all the members of both groups getting a chance to sing, especially Amelle who has almost knocked Siobhan off as my favourite Sugababe ever!
POPPOSTERGIRL: it's easy to be disappointed by this when you think about the number of great songs both of these groups have given us individually. And when you just listen to the song itself. I love the Aerosmith original, and this version isn't likely to replace it on my iPod any time soon, but I don't think it's bad in an "oh my gosh, what is this sound! I can't stand to listen to it" type of's just not good enough that it's calling out to be listened to. (Side note: everyone who's said "At least it's not Gareth's 'Spirit in the Sky'" is totally wrong--that cover was brilliant!)
~ Jamelia, Window Shopping:
I decided to go with this track over whatever the record company has chosen as the third single because for me this is another great electro-pop track. Plus it is right up there with Switch22's Back To The Dancefloor for brilliant sampling opportunities and makes me smile whenever I listen to it. I may be somewhat alone in this opinion however...

NICK: I am completely behind on the Jamelia obsession thing. I guess it's just because in the US we have SO many singers like this that I really try to avoid them at all costs. This song isn't bad. It's not really my thing (it used to be, though), but it's alright.
DT: Surely any song that can sample a 70's sitcom has to be good! Definitely one of the best songs on Jamelia's latest album, can't see it ever being released as a single, as is probably not the most radio friendly song on the album!
PPG: I had a strange reaction to Walk With Me--the last time I listened to it, I thought, "Oh, that's nice!" but I haven't listened to anything but "Something About You" and "Beware Of The Dog" since October. I can't imagine listening to this song again is going to change it's fate--it's a good song, but I have a feeling I won't end up listening to it again for quite some time. There's no logical reason why--it's got breathing and money-clinging sound effects, which should win it lots of bonus points. Actually, skipping through the album again, "Do Me Wrong" is nice, and "Ain't A Love" is a little behind it...maybe I need to go back and listen to the whole album again?
~ Travis, Closer:
At some point I really need to write about how influential The Man Who album was on my life (and to a lesser extent The Invisible Band). Travis soundtracked my life in a very personal way the year that album was released and i have felt an affinity with them ever since. This track doesn't knock me off my feet but is still an accomplished soft rock tune that is music to my ears.

NICK: Completely under whelmed by this. Travis have never been a very exciting band to me anyway. Like their other stuff, this sounds like a lot of moping, really. It'd be okay I guess on a rainy day, but I would be very annoyed if this was the kind of music my bad played.
DT: Scottish rockers return with a new single after a few years away. I think their position of the nations favourite Scottish band has been well and truly taken over by Franz Ferdinand. Haven't really loved a Travis song since they released Sing back in 2001 and this isn't really changing my opinion, it is a nice enough song but it's not enough to make me rush out and buy their new album when it is released.
~ The Ark, Decorum:
I'll let the others take this one as I can only echo their fine words...
NICK: Well, anyone who reads my blog knows your not going to get an real objective review of The Ark from me. At the risk of sounding like an obsessive fan (wait a minute, I am one!), this band's music is my life. Hands down the best single of the year so far, and the only songs that'll likely challenge it are the Ark's others (such as the equally fantastic glam boogie of The Worrying Kind). The Ark is making the best music on the planet right now. It's not too late to join the ride…
DT: One of my favourite Swedish groups alongside the fantastic Melody Club return with another amazing song! Anyone who has even a passing interest in pop music is sure to love this song, another perfect Summer song! If you've never heard of The Ark then give this song a try, but be prepared to fall in love with it!!
PPG: I'm not going to say much here, because I'm sure Nick will cover the praise, but I do need to say that the Stylus reviewers were totally wrong--this is a very good song indeed. I'm still going to put "Clamour For Glamour," "One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young," and "Calleth You Cometh I" ahead of it (there's something more aggressively catchy about the first two that appeals to my natural music preferences, and "Calleth You Cometh I" might be unbeatable on the epic scale), but given the quality of those songs, that's no insult to "Absolutely No Decorum."
Thanks once again to the bloggers for their time and comments. Want to take part? Email me here...
~ I wanted to share this email I got from blog reader Mary, who clearly loves Take That as much as I do and wants to take advantage of the new chart rules to get Do What U Like into the top 50 for the first time (tragically it stalled outside the top 75 as their first release back in 1992!)...
"We at the Take That forum ( have a little favour to ask!
We've had a brill idea. Due to the new rules governing chart entries, any song that is down-loadable can get into the top 40 if there are enough bought, so we want to do a little experiment.
Seeing as Do What U Like was the only Take That song not to make the top 50 when it was released we want to get it into the charts to celebrate Take That's triumphant return. We are going to do a mass download between the 19th Feb and 24th Feb.
If Chris Moyles can do it then so can we. It would be great if you could mention it on your blog.
We've emailed radio stations and are spreading the word around the internet (myspace, forums etc) It would be great if a blog like yours could help us out with a mention and help to spread the word!"

Hurrah! So pop on over to your favourite download source and pay 79p for a fun pop track from days of "yore"...
~ This is why Samuelhotstufffiles is better than popjustice. He updates on a Monday and mentions gareth gates who is looking good in a scarf. God bless you sir!
~ i SO need to go
shopping with Ella...
~ Will has lots of
good music at the "mo". What a super chappie...
~ 11 in 07-er
Chris Tolley (formerly of Lockdown) is performing at a charity gig on Wednesday in order to raise money for AIDS research. To book tickets you can email stating amount and name address and contact number. I highly recommend going and am looking closely at my calendar to see if i can be there!

Coming Tuesday - a mormon-ish themed post yet still totally about music and stuff ;)


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Scarf or no, Gareth's hair is clearly far too flat in those videos. Plus, do you like the scarf? They're not much worn for fashion where I live, so I probably just don't have a sense of how they're supposed to work, but I feel like...I it doesn't flatter the shape of his face or something.

    Because, you know, clearly that's what I should be spending my time thinking about.

    I like the pictures from the concert! It sounds great...well, except for the other people there.

    Everyone deserves a break sometimes :) Hope your week is better than your weekend was!
    Paul said...
    scarves are huge as fashion in england and also as neck warmers. i love gareths accent by the way!

    week is getting better than weekend. My car is tres bon
    Mary said...
    Thanks for supporting our TT campaign. DWUL is at number 70 on HMV's top 100 downloads. Not bad for three days work! Thanks again!!

    Anonymous said...
    I thought you'd fell off the Internet!!

    The high-fiving incident at the Civic had me giggling...

    I've been and bought my Take That thingy - what's 79p these days? A Mars Bar and packet of Walkers crips, that's what!
    Paul said...
    Mary - always glad to help the That :)

    SD ~ of course not. Just took a little break :)
    Gareth said...
    I was at the Wolvo gig too, and was so excited to read tht you saw the large cardigan lady too. She was behind us for a bit. I wanted to jump on her, she looked so comfy.

    The band were also amazing, far far better than I expected.

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