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Bird Brains

It's a testament to Leeds ranking as The 7th Coolest City In The Entire World that bands can get away with such awful names such as The Pigeon Detectives. And luckier still that I listen to them as I have an irrational but very real fear of our diseased ridden flying rodents But this new band are rather ace and judging by their MySpace site seem to throw out one multi coloured pop gem after another. Debut Single I'm Not Sorry is like the Cribs mugging the Killers – it doesn't just predict a riot! It is one! The Pigeon Detectives then. Horrific name but marvy band :)

MP3: I'm Not Sorry


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Nice tune! At first I thought thought the guy's voice was a bit shaky, but then he really gets into it. Kinda reminds me of Arctic Monkeys and Interpol.
    Paul said...
    I think its a demo as well (no need for the shaky start tho mister ~ just have the confidence to go for it!) Apparently they are great live...

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