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I kinda discovered the joys of Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys at the same time in 1986. God I'm old :( Its a testament to their consistently brilliant tunes that they still have careers to this day and that I'm willing to follow those careers. Both are due to make a return in the next month or so. Erasure are coming back with an album full of acoustic versions of some of their songs. Which might sound lazy but is actually an incredibly brilliant idea. Anyone who has heard the gorgeous acoustic version of last years return to form Breathe will know that one of Erasure's strengths is making incredibly heartbreaking slow songs. Boy is the lead off single from said cd and I can't wait to hear the album Union St and hope that Andy Bell is keeping well...

MP3: Boy (Acoustic)
MP3: Breathe (Acoustic)

The Pet Shop Boys however - i believe that their strength lies in their brilliant euro thumping disconess. Which if that isn't a word, it jolly well should be. Rapidshare won't let me post their marvelous new single I'm With Stupid and thats ok cos you should all go out and buy it anyway :) Needless to say, its all rather magnificent and combined with new Bodies Without Organs music, I may well just expostulate with glee.


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Sigh. "Boy" reminds me so much of spring '97, which was my last semester at university and that's when Cowboy came out. I always felt like that was the last good album Erasure put out, unfortunately...kinda the peak of their long run. Although, I have to say that I Say, I Say, I Say is my favorite album by them.

    Been a PSB fan since I bought "West End Girls" on 45 in summer '86 when I was 12.
    xolondon said...
    Let's 12 yo in 1986. Okay! I can do math!

    Anyway, these songs are MUCH better than I would have ever expected.
    Paul said...
    Yay! Someone as old as me... ;) I love Always from I Sat... and you're right~ the albums after cowboy weren't great, but I think Breathe is one of their most beautiful tracks.

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