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here are some initial thoughts on cds i got for my birthday...

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

Snow Patrol must be counting their lucky stars - 12 years of hard slog, dropped by their record label yet somehow they are back with their fourth album Eyes Open. It's pretty confident and bold and could spawn four quality singles if managed right. You're All I Have is a good enough tune but Hands Open is by far the best thing they've done. Shut Your Eyes is a gorgeous emotive song aided by a chorus of Scottish indie rock notables. But it's Set The Fire To The 3rd Bar which is the track to really listen to. Outstanding and heartbreaking at the same time, the delicate voice of Martha Wainwright plays off singer Gary Lightbodys with breathtaking results. All in all a pretty solid album

Mohair - Small Talk

Never mind the Small Talk, there is big talk about Mohair especially from across the pond where they have been chosen by Mitre for an ad campaign as the British band most likely to succeed in America. Personally I would have gone with The Feeling, but this lot are a good second or third choice They don't represent anything ground breaking and will never top any cool lists but their debut album Small Talk is bursting with energetic pop belters. Stand outs include the lively almost cabaret style End Of The Line and chirpy Stranded. It's the usual soft rock formula - big choruses with the odd ballad and i adore it

Erasure - Union Street

There was a joke on The Mary Whitehouse Experience a few years back that if Erasure were ever on MTV Unplugged they would just be standing at their keyboards looking puzzled But Union Street sees them doing just that and they delve into their back catalogue to present old album tracks stripped back to basics. Its a useful reminder of just how good Erasure are with Andy Bells vocals gaining extra clarity and Vince Clarke allowed to show off his ability with instruments beyond a keyboard. Its an experiment that pays off and not only do you see songs like Boy, Rock Me Gently and Stay With me in a new light, but Andy's vocals are stunningly gorgeous.

Laura Michelle Kelly - The Storm Inside

I want to hold onto my thoughts for this album just a little longer, but would appreciate people's thoughts on what I think are two stand out tracks - one a reminder of when Keane used to write good songs and the other co-written with Guy *who needs who now Robbie* Chambers and Neil Hanlon...

MP3: Butterflies
MP3: Somewhere Only We Know


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Hope your birthday was grand. The party the other day looked fun! For some reason, we have "Hands Open" as the first single over here. I downloaded it on Monday. At first I was like, eh, but now it's really grown on me.

    Similarly, I was very dubious about Union Street. But the first time I played it, I fell in love with it. Just when you're ready to write a band off, they turn around and amaze you.

    It's got a very sad quality to it.
    Paul said...
    i love erasure so i stuck with them even through the dodgy covers album (nothing will top abbaesque or Magic Moments!) but i have always adored their slower stuff like You Surround Me and Am I Right so this is the album i've been waiting for... i love it. But then again i love Jagged Little Pill Acoustic so maybe i have dubious taste... i still think ryan reynolds is the best thing Alanis has done in years ;0
    xolondon said...
    Butterflies is vv Sarah Brightman isn't it? Her version of Somewhere is quite nice. It's hard to pull off a trick like that and she does it. Am def going to buy this CD.

    Re SNOWPLAY. Meh! I agree in the Martha W song - the track is good and the choice of vocalist. I also like "Chasing Cars" but for the most part I don't get them. My fave song by SP is "Grazed Knees."

    I also agree the "Rock Me Gently" is gorgeous. It has ended all my recent CD mixes for my peeps and trolls.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Hey, how is the new Snow Patrol? I think we get it Monday. I'll buy it regardless of quality. I really fell in love with them when I picked up their last album (without ever even hearing of them before) for only $7.99 at Best Buy during Christmas of 2004. One of my first ever posts was about them.
    Paul said...
    i can't wait until i have an indepth history of blog to tap into! I quite like the snow patrol album - its not amazing or anything but already i am humming along to some of the tracks...

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