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or things i discovered or rediscovered on holiday that i quite liked...

~ The Post TV Fame chancers

There is nothing like the classic Dolly Parton film 9 to 5 and the amazing accompanying soundtrack is there? So thankfully, when teaming up with Lady Sovereign, Preston and his ordinary boys haven't covered the Dolly staple but just taken the title. It's the first track from their third album out later this year and has the added vocal stylings of tiny asbo-ette Lady Sovereign who is kinda like a Daphne & Celeste version of The Streets. Genius!!

~ The Second Chance Survivor

2005 was a great year for music. There was the exuberance of the Kaiser Chiefs, gentle strumming from James Blunt, insane pop from Bodies Without Organs, the splendour of The Magic Numbers and the triumphant return of dance Madonna... Passed by almost unnoticed was a sparkling gem of an album - Fires by Nerina Pallot. I loved her album Dear Frustrated Superstar which I bought on a whim after seeing it advertised in Heat and loving the title. I am uber chuffed that radio one are backing the rerelease of the album by playing to death the lead off track Everybodys Going To War. Hopefully more people will hear her refreshingly honest, consistently disarming torch songs. Surely KT Tunstall style success is only a few sales away???

~ The Drag Stars

She is the Californian grunge pop girl with loads of lip. He's the geeky dude who plays drums and synths at the same time. Together Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese make Giant Drag one of the most exciting new bands of the year. Their album Hearts and Unicorns is a lofi riot of sound and new single This Isn't It is a perfect showcase for their talent for sneers and smiles in equal doses. Its clear they are not inspired by niceness and You **** Like My Dad is one of the greatest and most gleeful putdowns of recent times. No wonder live shows have become infamous for Annie reprimanding hecklers with comebacks like "Shut up before i come and take a dump down your throat." Utterly charming, obv.

~ The Little Musical That Could

Acorn Antiques was a six minute slot in Victoria Wood's tv sketch show that each week mercilessly mocked the conventions of day time soap operas and become a cult in its own right. Last year Victoria Wood decided it would translate well into a 3 hour musical and the pricey gamble paid off as for several months fans flocked to the Haymarket theatre. As i was far too cheap to do that, i am pretty pleased it is now on dvd, although its not quite the same not rubbing shoulders with all the west end wendies It is a side splitting romp though that pokes fun of pretentious amateur dramatics, chain store coffee shops and hyperbolic Lloyd Webber showstoppers. Complete aceness.

~ The French Fancy

Don't be fooled by Edouard Collins butter-wouldn't-melt-in-his-mouth smile - in his interview to promote French Film Cockles and Muscles, he comes across as a right cheeky little scamp.. and that makes him super endearing. He has that wiry yet boyishly handsome charm that is no doubt a great fit for his character in the film - gay Martin whose summer on Cote d'Azur includes late night cruising that ain't on the sea and a visit to the shower that has little to do with cleanliness It's a great little movie and Monsieur Collins seems a star in the ascendency. He;s already nabbed a role in top froggie tv drama Le Proviseur. Viva La France!

~ The Antipodean Behinds

Daz and I tend to favour Aussie Bum when it comes to our undies and have often wondered who the hot thang in the billboard is. And now we know - pounding electronic drum roll - superstar DJ Neal Crawford! He's a winning mix of rugged Australian handsomeness and a certain tattooed dirty party monster vibe. Which i'm loving by the way. Neal is a massive hit on the fay scene world wide and has played every big party from Queer Nation through to hard edged leather nights. His success one suspects may have more than a little to do with his habit of DJ-ing topless and sweating enticingly. Homina...


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