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Wellity wellity wellity, now everyone has finished gushing and expostulating over the new Pet Shop Boys album (at least until June 27th) lets see what some of the class of late 90s successful boybands have been up to...

Our little Nicholas of Lachey of course has riden the alimony pony all the way to success in the United States and his rumoured second single ain't breaking away from that formula. I think the title of it is very interesting as I find it quite easy to hate Jessica Simpson ever since the Dukes of Hazzard fiasco...

MP3: Nick Lachey - I Can't Hate You Anymore

Strike a light! and light a candle because Brian Littrell has gone all super religious on our backstreet boy asses. He does look very Mormon missionary on the cd cover! Billboard practically spent the load on reviewing the first single describing it as "a gorgeous single...with positive lyrics and an engaging melody" I wouldn't go that far but its not the worst thing i've heard today...

MP3: Brian Littrell - Welcome Home

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved some Schizophrenic solo Chasez (how great would it be if Nick and JC got together - they could be the Lachey-Chasezs) especially the pounding All Day Long I Dream About Sex. I'm a little disappointed that he has chosen a ballad that is virtually indistinguishable from your average sensitive guy pop star output, but i don't judge him too harshly. Because i am super nice :)

MP3: JC Chasez - I'm Not Sleeping Alone

And how about a little something from the ladies? My good friend Ruthless will love this track by the Pipettes. Ruth and I always put the Magic Numbers on whenever the sun comes out and I firmly believe this will our sunny day anthem for 2006. Read a little bit more about them on Jess "oh no she's gone indie" Into The Groove site ;)

MP3: The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

Plus check out the gorgeous acoustic version of one of my all time fave songs Hallelujah - this time done OC Season finale style by super-crim Imogen Heap. It's over at Homo-Eclectic

Plus my Dashboard Confessional post has been updated with a direct download link for their marvy new single

PS ~ wondering why Duncan James new single from Blue isn't on here? Well thats cos it sounds like a One True Voice reject ;)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    You left out Ashley Parker Angel, formerly of O-Town, whose album Soundtrack To Your Life came out a week ago and is on sale over here at Target for only $7.99! Naturally I picked up a copy... the title song was also the theme of his MTV reality show, and it's currently the 11th most-downloaded song off iTunes. Expect another minor (possibly major?) Top 20 hit for APA.

    The first single, "Let U Go," was one of two Max Martin tunes on there, hence the only reason I bought it. BUT, I was shocked to find that it's not bad at all. Way better than Lachey!
    Paul said...
    i totally forget about the angel! I do have a few songs of his downloaded from oxygen chunks! Must get around to listening to them... ryan cabrera has a semi-amost decent new track I Will Remember You for his soon to be rereleased sophomore set as well, that i've given a spin to today and not vomited :) I'm in cheesy boys mode (that could sound v rude!)
    Jessica said...
    I have not gone indie! Grr!

    Nick Lachey's new song is back to his usual mediocracy. I guess one good song is all we're getting, although it was more than I expected from his past record.

    I'm not keen on the Imogen Heap either. I didn't download it cos I'd heard it already, but I don't really find her version that special compared to previous ones. I love some of her other songs though.
    Paul said...
    haha Jess, it was said very tongue in cheek based on the comment on your site :) i think the lines between indie and pop are more blurred than ever at the moment...

    I do love the pipettes song, so summery and joyful. Have you heard their version of I Think We're Alone Now?
    Will said...
    I love Nicks 'Shut Up'.

    I couldn't believe how awful that Duncan James song's just so, nothing! The fact that he's pretty doesn't even make up for it.

    I remember seeing JC peform the full 'All Day Long..' - the mix of that glorious electronic middle 8 and his grinding hips was just too much for a boy to take!

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