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So little (and she is tiny!) Nerina Pallot played an instore appearance at Borders tonight in "glamourous" Birmingham. That is so Bananarama of her ;) There was a crowd of about 60 people who listened to her sing "All good people", "sophia" and of course new single "Everybodys going to war". It was just her and her guitar and i was just mesmerised the whole time... despite being tiny she has a great unique voice, and an utterly charming stage presence. She apologised for having a wardrobe moment as she removed a cardigan, then apologised for having an accessory moment when her necklace got in the way. Bless ;)

Then of course she did an instore signing of her new album. Somehow despite being at the front, i was the last person to get anything signed. She told me a story about how this was her first instore appearance and she felt like the author of Valley Of The Dolls in "that Bette Midler movie. But I prefer Beaches!" I told her she should cover Otto Titsling for her next b-side and she said she would love that but only if she could wear something appropriate to the song (as she hoisted her boobs up!!). She then graciously waited for me to work out how the camera operated on my completely gay new gold Nokia phone (which she loved) and signed my cd for Daz (whose fave Bette Midler film is Beaches) "To Darren, I love Beaches too! Love Nerina Pallot"

Check out this strings version of her single then go buy her albums cos i am now in love with this woman :)

MP3: Everybodys Going To War (String version)

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Buy Dear Frustrated Superstar


  1. xolondon said...
    You've got to love these artists who are clever / personal when they sign things.

    Cute piccie. You all have Border's too? How depressing. Is there anything left that is distinctly English? We even have Lush in DC now (thank God).
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Xo, when I was in London in the fall, there was a Subway on every corner, and I'm talkin' about the Underground.

    Paul, sassy scarf.
    Paul said...
    Borders and starbucks are tres ubiquitous now especially in city centres that want to be seen as trendy. hence starbucks galore where i live (Birmingham) but none where i work (Coventry). Go figure.

    And read my mind J'ason ~ i actually got a subway on the way home which was most messy yet delish.

    I forgot to say that Nerina liked my sassy scarf too :) I think no matter how tired you are or how rushed you are there is always time to add a little sass to your outfit. I learnt that lesson from Beach Whore Barbie
    Ella Thorvaldsen said...
    Lucky bitch! Love your sexy bangs!
    Aaryn said...
    the future only belongs in the hands of itself
    Ruth said...
    hey there! You were wearing a sassy scarf But then I guess you are a sassy man! ;)
    btw I can't download that pipettes song so please please please do me a CD :0 you know I'm technologically challenged! And I so want to hear our new summer anthem!! Hurrah for Pride weekend and annual leave!! - see you tommorrow! xx
    Paul said...
    oh ella - i thought my hair looked a right fright but you have restored my faith in bangs :)

    aaryn - right on bro!

    ruthie - i'd do anything for you my little lesbolicious lovely :)

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