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even internationally renowned superstars love a gay civil partnership

(message reads: To Paul and Darren: Congrats! "For Better or Worse" ~ deborah gibson)


  1. Robpop said...
    Go to see THE ENCHANTED MUSICAL now! Its in workshop stages now so get tickets now for like 13 quid!

    Theres two musicals coming out called Enchanted: the musical...but go and see the one thats being sold at See Tickets.

    Its about a mate and his mate who get locked in the world of fairy tales and the land of oz...
    Robpop said...

    SEE IT NOW!!!!!

    theres like 30 seats! You'll have fun!
    Robpop said...

    A fairy tale fanatic, an evil enchantress, a hunchback, a missing soap opera actor, reporters in need of a story, a disembodied head and a band of travelling players, mix with equal parts of lunacy and dry wit, and you have Enchanted The Musical.

    Described as a cross between Wicked and The Producers, Enchanted blends decades of musical theatre traditions with the farcical humour and edge of a sitcom.

    Enchanted The Musical is premiering at The Courtyard, Covent Garden in the heart of London's West End for a strictly limited run.
    xolondon said...

    Anyway, isn't that for better or worse? How did you get that!!!
    Paul said...
    oops that should read For Better or Worse!! silly me... a friend of mine was at her play in connecticut last week and got her to sign it for me :)
    xolondon said...
    Okay THAT is a friend for life!
    Paul said...
    you're telling me - i owe him big time :)

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