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On with some music... I can't stop smiling and keep fiddling with my "civil partnership" ring and grinning like a loon on loon tablets at darren so these songs reflect my mood starting with my favourite Monday song covered ably here (and taken from a great cd of covers by these two artists teaming up) by Susannah Hoffs (the bangles) and the brilliant Matthew Sweet...

MP3: Susannah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet ~ Monday Monday

Now i get mocked by my friends for loving those crazy scamps McFly, but love them I do and i was tres sad when their quite solid second album didn't do the biz. As they say in "the biz". They have a jolly and catchy new single out called Please, Please which you can read more about here. Apparently its about knobbing Lindsay Lohan, but if everyone who dived that muff wrote a song about it there would be no room in the charts for real musicians like Paris Hilton ;)

MP3: McFly - Please, Please (LQ Radio rip)

All of a sudden, people are all over this darling little girl group from my moms college town of Brighton! See here, here and here! Not only do they Pull Shapes but according to their official discography, they once released a record on Total Gaylord Records which suddenly i really want to work for ;) Anyway, they have a knack of making everything seem summery so here is their cover of the tiffany "classic" - something about this song makes me want to wear long sweaters and have deep red hair...

MP3: The Pipettes ~ I Think We're Alone Now
Bonus MP3: Tiffany ~ I Think We're Alone Now 2005 remix
Bonus MP3: The Click Five ~ I Think We're Alone Now

Talking of La Cinque de Clique, their Live At Bull Moose Ep also has a summery monday vibe that i am enjoying today. They do their americanised version of mcfly (eg mixing influences from beatles and beach boys) very well and this is one of my current faves of theirs...

MP3: The Click Five ~ Friday Night live acoustic

I am super pleased to see the musically eclectic XO enjoying my fave new band of 2006 (read more of my rantings on them here). Their album is currently number 2 in the album charts, but this little nugget is the b-side of current single Fill My Little World and stands up alongside any of the great album tracks...

MP3: The Feeling - Not To Be Turned

Despite what the name might lead you to believe, this is a 19 year old singer songwriter from Paisley in Scotland whose influences apparently range from The White Stripes to Ray Charles. I am always dubious of people who claim they have influences they perceive as cool, especially when the music is more Maroon 5 and James Blunt than White Stripes. But that's ok by me cos single Last Request is a gorgeous mix of soul and acoustic rock. he wowed audiences earlier this year at the SXSW festival and managed to rope in Coldplay producer Ken Nelson. Perfect lazy summer listening...

MP3: Paolo Nutini ~ Last Request


  1. xolondon said...
    I thought you were off to Spain already!

    I am about to jizz all over my blog about the Pipettes. I knew you had mentioned them somewhere.

    Thanks for the Feeling bside.

    Hmmm, I think my building is like on FIRE, so I need to go. ;)
    Paul said...
    what a delightful expression ;) Don't get your keys sticky! I think I have about 4 Pipettes tracks so would love to hear more....

    not off to spain til next week depending on darrens physio but hopefully all should be good!

    i am uncomfortably hot - my clothes are stuck to me! I don't think my inner thigh has ever been so heated!

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