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~ then it slipped out of his hand and hit me on the arm

(day one of Birmingham Pride 2005)

It didn't start til 6, and dazpants and I being the impossibly late and vain people we are spent ages getting ready, but we were soon ready to show off our new slim 14lb lighter regular swimming bodies to the people of pride

it was absolutely packed by the time we got there and of course we missed the parade, but spent some time in the fairground. Travelling fair rides always make me nervous in case one of the bolts has not been tightened enough and it goes flying off into the stars... We were watching some ride fling people around and some doofus had his cell phone out. As the ride went spinning into the air then it slipped out of his hand and hit me on the arm. And let me tell you when a flying cell phone comes at you with force it bloody hurts. It didn't break until it hit my arm and I am still not sure that my arm isn't broken it certainly has a lovely bruise

Went into the club, and i was very excited about my brillo new t shirt that says Salt Lake City Utah Conference on the front as a sly nod to my strict mormon upbringing. I loved it as soon as I saw it in topman. Apparently so did everyone else as I spied at least 3 other people with it on I tried to get us all together for a pic but they weren't having it

The club was packed and people seemed very grabby. I was molested at least 5 times by random old individuals. Curse my hot new gym body and knack for picking devastatingly attractive clothes But bananarama were fabbo ~ we were right at the front. They sang I heard a rumour, robert deniros waiting, venus and 2 new songs ~ one of which is the i am pleased to report bloody marvelous new single Move In My Direction. Very Can't get You out of my head.

Plus they had incredibly good backing dancers who were willing to fling themselves around, and grab each other for a quick brutal snog!! Lovely.

Day 2 coming tomorrow!


  1. xolondon said...
    congrats on yer new super slim look. I want to feature that too...
    Paul said...
    yeah tragically this was a year ago. I won't be premiering a super slim new look at the wedding next week. More of "oh now we know who ate all the pies" ME! Sob etc
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I'm unveiling my new look soon! It's called "the waning year's of me being able to suck my gut in."

    I've been getting away with it / all my life.
    xolondon said...
    I didn't even notice that was last year you were writing about!

    I suck my gut in too, which is technically ab work right? Funny thing is, I sucked it in like 1999, when I was much thinner. I rememeber when my hip bones used to sort of jut out. le sigh
    Paul said...
    i had to post about last years cos it was so much more fun than this years wash out and i was more creative in my writing because of it!

    soooooooooooooo glad ab sucking in is exercise cos i too have been doing it as long as i remember. Even when i was an obsessed gym bunny i couldn't get a 6 pack! sadly (for me) a rather prolonged illness proved the best for flat tummy but i don't recommend it and you end up looking like Posh Spice. YUCK!

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