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~ so i did the only thing i could... lay face down and rode like tobey on seabiscuit...
(day 2 of Birmingham Pride 2005)

Went to look round all the stalls on Sunday which was a lot of fun. There were some great little book and card stands (my favourite ~ a bunch of nuns praying on the front of one card with the caption inside saying 'please god make Kylie number one this sunday' ) and the fine folks at AXM magazine had a fun stand and really lovely staff who were willing to talk for ages and gave me a pink wristband saying Sexy. Sharp. Gay. Got that one right boys ;)

then we hung out for a while outside our favourite bar The Gale with our friends ~ aaah good times watching the boys watching the boys go by...

then we went to the fairground and went on one of the rides - kinda a big circle that you sit on the outside of and you have nothing to hold onto, and it just spins you round and round and is really bumpy too... it was bloomin hilarious. I was sliding around all over the place ramming myself into the people next to me. my friend ruth accidentally kicked her sister in the head and i went flying off the seat and grabbed on to some random blokes leg. I managed to pull myself up but was lying flat down so i did the only thing i could... lay face down and rode like tobey on seabiscuit. I didn't manage to sit up again til the ride was over. le shame

the club was brilliant again ~ music was fabbo gabbo and i danced around like a whirling dervish until we wiggled our way to the front to wait for Boney M to come onstage... and when they did I have heard nothing like it before. The club went wild and the group started off with a great acapella version of amazing grace before asking if anyone was a Painter man? I stuck my arm in the air and before I knew it I was chosen to dance with Boney M on the main stage

Day three of my fave gay pride ever coming tomorrow!


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