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Knocked Out By Her Nunga Nungas
(Day 3 of Birmingham Pride 2005)

so there I am dancing away with Boney M. They were absolutely lovely, and smelt really nice :) I did Painter Man with them and they worked me like a Kathy Lee Gifford employee ;) I was banging hips, shimmying, doing the monkey, kicking my legs, flailing my arms... honestly, it was like being born again kicking and screaming from the womb tee hee, and then the lead singer swung around and i was knocked out by her nunga nungas! Le Shame.

So after receiving rapturous (read: polite ) applause, I exited stage left and continued to bop to them from the audience while they did ma baker, rasputin, brown girl in the ring, rivers of babylon, hooray its a holi holi day and a few others...

and that was pretty much the end of my pride experience as i was too knackered to do anything on monday so slept for most of the day...

See! So much better than pride 2006!!


  1. xolondon said...
    I have noticed a trend here in you ending up onstage!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Ruth said...
    It was so much more fun! I had forgotten! Although not about kicking my sister in the head - she has not let me forget that!! Thanks for posting about it - good times! ;)
    6 Days to go Paul! And I still haven't got my speech sorted!
    Paul said...
    do i always end up on stage? It must be the diva in me craving the lime light. Lord knows the way to fame is dancing on stage with Boney M!

    Get writing that speech ruthie! I want to sound good :)
    R. Zappin said...
    You know, or maybe just maybe not, that evauation is probably the most criminal discourse you may take through your entire self-centered and edulgent lives in your so-called limelight. The act of one evaluating another's creativity is absolutely egocentricly pomopus. Evaluate yourself and send it by mail to yourself. Absurd, you say? I rest my case.
    Your boisterous commentaries remind me of the religious zelets screams and vomitous gagging all those years ago dragging themselves down the alleys of 1400's Europe flogging themselves in repentence to the plague,. As if it would help. Though in your case...?
    Hey, just a bit of fun, old boy. No evaluation intended. Keep dancing, girls.

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