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The first time Darren heard this song on the Box, he thought it was a load of shouty twaddle. All noise no tune. I felt a little differently. In fact I thought that "Monster" by The Automatic was the best scary song since the frankly terrifying "Things That Go Bump In The Night by those tweeny All*Stars a couple of years back. Unlike "TTGBITN" however, there are echoes of all kinds of stuff in "Monster" - the stabbing guitars of the post punk set, the keyboard noodles of Blur and a fantastic moment when everything stops except the chorus which consists of "Whats that coming over the hill/is it a monster?" being shouted very loud.

It's brilliantly cheesy and you can imagine the band clapping their hands above their heads when they sing it. Marvy. Check out the bands homepage too!

MP3: The Automatic - Monster

EDIT! Click here to download the live lounge radio show featuring The Automatic. Its the whole show so you will need to forward to about 3.35 for their acoustic version of Monster and 13.17 for an insane but brillo version of Kanye West's Goldigga!!


  1. Fernando said...
    Great. Thanks, I've been burning out this song in the last week. Looking forward to checking out the live version.
    Paul said...
    no worries - its such a great song!

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