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riding the remix

First of all, i was very saddened to wake up and hear that there had almost been another terrorist attack on a plane flying to the USA. Luckily, the safety procedures we now have in place seem to be working as the individual was caught, but Britain once again is on the highest terrorist alert possible. It makes me sad and wonder what sort of world we live in :(

I don't want to dwell on that too much, but it does make the complaints about Big Brother seem rather insignificant! The papers are all reporting today that if found guilty of misleading viewers (as the complaints about letting evicted housemates back into the house to win are focussing on people thinking they had spent their money permanantly voting that person out the house) that they may have to refund all the money and Channel 4 could face a whopping fine. Which is probably nothing compared to the amount of publicity it has generated!!

Well fancy that! Apparently, glorious new indie quartet Captain (one of them - not the singer - has a great line in scarves...) are playing at the little Civic in Wolverhampton tonight which is quite near my house. Hmmm, wonder what my plans are later??? (PS - bookmark their link as their name is ridiculously ungoogleable!)

Well, isn't it exciting that you can pre-order The Killers sophomore effort Sam's Town and get a bonus track Where The White Boys Dance as well as the recently wrapped mexico based video for When You Were Young?? well yes it is nice if you are in America - sadly this offer hasn't extended to England yet, but i am sure The Killers won't forget the market that made them ;)

And that goes for the Scissters too - they are having a fall club tour of America and I am really hoping this is a warm up tour for some grand and theatrical British dates. They certainly are big enough here now that they could do some really outlandish Showgirl-type shows in this country... fingers crossed :)

Aah my fave new finds of the year, The Feeling , are getting all excited about the release of their third single Never Be Lonely. And they have been romping around Australia - check out this link for more of their comments and touristy type photos. Lucky buggers ;)

Couple of random pictures now:

First up Deb and Jordan promoting the heck out of their new single Say Goodbye. I have to say I am very over the faux tuck-untuck of the shirt/sweater that Jordan is sporting - and you just know his stylist spent ages perfecting how untucked it was...

Next - hasn't Billie Piper changed? Arf arf - no, its Doctor Who in a rather splendid blue suit with his lovely new assistant who won't be in the Catherine Tate dominated Christmas spesh, but will debut in the third season proper. Can't. Wait :0

Was going to write lots about how remixes are rocking my world right now, but i have exhausted myself doing all this so will just post them instead!!

MP3: Lily Allen - Smile (digital soundboy remix)
MP3: Justin Timberlake - Sexyback (richard humpty vission mix)
MP3: Madonna - Jump (Ra's remix) (click here, here and here for some cool new Madonna mixes!Thanks XO!)
MP3: Kimberley Locke - Supawoman (remix)


  1. Leon said...
    Hey, thamks for the remixes.

    Are you gonna enter the text lottery for the free show at Trafalgar Square to see the Scissor Sisters? I think I may even though I know I won't win.

    As for the new assistant on Dr Who, I can see her fitting in to Billies shoes quite easy judging by the new pics released today. Hurry up April 2007!
    Evan said...
    Hi Paul--

    Love the blog. Just wanted to tell you I was at the Cutting Room 2 nights ago for the Jordan Knight/Deborah Gibson show. It was....interesting. But you can read my review of it at

    Paul said...
    i am so entering that lottery leon (i love alliteration) as soon as i work out what you are talking about :)

    genius review evan - you make me feel so old though ;)
    Poster Girl said...
    You're taking the Click Five from us, so at least let us have the Scissor Sisters for a bit before they get shipped abroad, too :)

    I only recently started liking remixes, but the SexyBack one is great, thanks.
    Paul said...
    i will take good care of the click five before they return to your fair shores :)
    Leon said...
    Paul, the Scissor Sisters are taking part in a free concert soon at trafalgar square and tickets will be won in a text lottery. I think the number is available today. I got my info from the witch that is Victoria Newton so i dunno how reliable the story is!
    Leon said...,,2006360522,00.html

    see above for info, it's on sept 16th, ticket lines today.
    Paul said...
    oh tragically but also brilliantly i will be at Wicked the musical that day which i have been waiting forever for! Hurrah - i expect a full report WHEN you win the tickets :)
    Adrian said...
    All I have to say about Big Brother is:


    etc. etc.

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