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Hello boys and girls. Are you sitting comfortably? Cos today is another long blog! I just can't seem to keep it in - i'm having fits of creativity and it hurts. Well, ok it doesn't hurt obviously but i worry that i am spunking (love that word) all my good ideas in one long post like yesterday and then by tuesday next week, i will have run out of juice. So to speak. That was all very sexually suggestive wasn't it? Now i'm hot under the collar - i may have to wake Darren up. Its like my dad says - "son, foreplay is like a barbecued beefburger - four minutes each side". Brilliant advice that has never steered me wrong. On with the post!


I am a bit of a sucker for Christmas. Its the build up of it that i love. Its watching Beauty And The Beast: An Enchanted Christmas, It's A Wonderful Life and Love, Actually for the millionth time. It's the excitement that actually life is wonderful and glorious and there is some good in the world. And it's the expostulation of music that hits the UK charts - cos November and December are the most profitable periods....Lots of acts already have their tracks chosen for Christmas. Take That have Patience, more on Kylie a bit later and Bette Midler has a whole host of tunes on an album with the campest-extra-on-the-birdcage-cover ever. EVER! Here are some picks of mine for singles that should be released this festive period from other acts...


The adorable and cuddly people at Chartrigger have written a bit about the possible mishandling of Aly & AJ's rather good actually Chemical's React single. Can I suggest that the UK branch marketing this pair get their arses in gear and release this in late November with a media blitz that includes a track of their gloriously earnest, yet quite cheesy Christmas album. May i suggest the similarly poppy Not This Year? And while we're breaking acts, how about Darin releasing B What U Wanna B? A single so novelty and catchy it can't fail but be loved or hated. I fall in the former category...

MP3: Aly and AJ: Chemicals React
MP3: Aly and AJ: Not This Year
MP3: Darin: B What U Wanna B


Jewel really pissed me off with her quite dull new album, especially after the genius of 0304. Boo you Jewel! Still she did recycle one song from the good album for the crap one - the actually floating and whimsical Fragile Heart appears on both and would make quite a lovely Christmas track. Mom fave (and writer of best Buffy season finale song ever Full of Grace - n'est pas Ruthie?) Sarah McLachlan has an ethereal mix of tunes of her forthcoming Christmas release and can Laura Michelle Kelly please release Somewhere Only We Know? There should be at least one good Keane song in the charts this festive period ;) Or Nat Beds could release her version as an AA side of her forthcoming I Want To Have Your Babies...

MP3: Jewel - Fragile 0304
MP3: Jewel - Fragile the rubbish album
MP3: Nats - SOWK


Two of autumn's (fall for my stateside colleagues!) biggest acts have already decided what their Christmas releases are going to be - Scissors (don't be too over them Pinkie!)are taking my advice and going with the quite lovely ballad Land Of A Thousand Words which will be quite funky when inevitably remixed. B-Flo and his posse are tempting me by requesting to go bone to bone with them (ahem) on Bones! (Sidebar - XO has posted a glorious magazine cover on his site but the comments box won't work so i can't compliment him!) And Bodies Without Organs totally spunked their best Christmassy single Will My Arms Be Strong Enough on an autumn release when they should have had us all grooving to Chariots Of Fire, saving WMABSE for Santa's birthday. Oh well.

MP3: Scissters - Land Of A Thousand Words
MP3: The Killers - Bones (album version)
MP3: BWO - Will My Arms


Please send in your recommendations for which male solo star/boyband should cover this amazing classic and show Girls Aloud what a mistake See The Day was...

MP3: Living In A Box - Room In Your Heart



- kudos to that sexbomb Ella and those chunks of oxygen for being the first people to get Kylie's new single cover on the web. Pinkie is all about St Etienne working with La Minogue instead of the scissters, i would be quite happy with either. Here is Kylie's previous St Et cover...

MP3: Kylie - Nothing Can Stop Us Now

- i am a huge sucker for Grey's Anatomy and I was more than pleased with the season three premiere. Most glorious - the death of Denny really forced people to examine their lives and we even got Lost style flashbacks giving more info about relationships and people's choices in life. I can't wait to see how the more messy than ever Meredith/McDreamy relationship works out...The 2nd soundtrack is out now and i think the producers pick great music for the show. Here are two standouts that defined scenes in the show- don't hate me J'Ason!

MP3: The Fray - How To Save A Life
MP3: The Chalets - Sexy Mistake

- this article excites me in so many ways!

- the lovely Justin Lanning plays a gig in LA tonight. I wish i could be there but sadly i can't. I love this pic partially because i am now obsessed with piano! My teacher told me this week my wrist wasn't limp enough! Imagine. But i digress - good luck tonight Justin!

Golly, that was a long post! Coming soon - lots of stuff i said was coming soon in previous posts but haven't done yet! Thank God its Friday tomorrow. And yes i'm feeling lots better thanks all!


  1. HotstuffFiles said...
    I couldn't agree more Paul, more Aly & AJ is needed - although, to be listening to a bloody Xmas album at this time is a bit OMG!
    Paul said...
    i do have a very unhealthy obsession with christmas music - darren has to reel me in and forbid it til november. He can be so masterful when he wants to be!!
    HotstuffFiles said...
    Oh, I do love it as well... but still, it isn't even cold yet.

    However, I see you've added the cover from The Observer Magazine - which, is quite a good interview, I might add.
    xolondon said...
    I don't know what is wrong with blogger where I live, but it ain't workin' right since last night. Free stuff don't work! Grrr.

    Be careful about dem bones! The narcs are on the lookout.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Paul! Stop trying to land Justin Lanning in bed already! You're a married.... man? (is the verdict out yet on that last bit?)

    Pretty post, though!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    By the way... Justin, love ya, babe, but I'm goin' to see Scissor Sisters tonight....
    Musicploitation said...
    room in your heart cover = will young! :)
    PinkieDust said...
    Pinkie here..jason enjoy the Scissors!

    and i've emailed ya bank Paul(thanks for looking after my most treasured piccies)

    Paul said...
    J'Ason - stop trying to turn something innocent into something dirty, you bad boy! Justin, Simon Curtis and Gavin Mikhail hold the key to the future of quality boy pop and the sooner people realise that the better ;) PS - hope the scissters was joyous...

    Samuel - yes i am giving Christmas a break for October but i will return to it with a vengence in November!

    XO - blogger drives me INSANE sometimes. DazPansy who is the studliest person i know can attest to my strops over it!

    Mr Dust! Hello! 3 kisses? You old rascal you...
    J'ason D'luv said...
    What can I say, I'm a class act.
    PinkieDust said...
    Rascal? All i did was osculate ya!
    Paul said...
    J'Ason - the clASSiest I know. By far.

    I've been oculated! I feel so violated ;)
    Zeon said...
    Thanks for the Sarah McLachlan tip! Lookin' forward to that!

    And you wrongly placed the links of the two SOWK covers.
    Poster Girl said...
    When I was growing up, we had to have a rule about no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, because we drove our mom crazy playing it in July :) I'm totally looking forward to the non-holiday and holiday songs!

    I agree about BWO--it's a great song, but if they'd gone with the amazing Chariots Of Fire first, they wouldn't have down two ballads back-to-back, and you're so right--Will My Arms Be Strong Enough would have been a fabulous winter/holiday song.

    Glad to hea you're feeling better! :)

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