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No don't worry gang I've not gone all religious and converted to Claymania or anything like that. It's just sometimes you come across stories that make you smile and feel that little bit better about the world today. I love how music gives people such a sense of release - starting piano lessons again has been most beneficial to my mental health and given me a creative buzz that I really want to continue. here is someone who seems to have made me smile today!


I am not sure how I came across Justin Lanning's myspace site, but I'm certainly glad I did. Like my current fave new find Simon Curtis, Justin has battled his demons, fought his way forward and used the experience to do better things with his life. And that's something I really admire in a person. I'm all for learning and growing from the bad things that happen in life and trying to make something positive grow out of them. And clearly Justin is a talented young guy - he plays drums, bass, guitar, piano, percussion, harmonica, & violin (and here's me struggling with just piano!) and writes his own music. The two songs on his myspace site are most tender and show a rare abillity to project to others his innermost feelings - one of the reasons I love Deb Gibson's songs so much... Anyway Justin has an album coming out early 2007 and i for one am looking forward to it... it would be great to see such a talented young singer songwriter develop his craft. Plus he has really good popstar hair which myself and poppostergirl agree is very important!

Link: Check out Justin's you tube videos
Link: Check out Justin's home page

And while we're on about it - we quite like PinkieDust. At first I was all miffed at his Auden English Queen comment about the History Boys, but then he explained it and redeemed himself and now we like him. He's quite funny and charming. Check out his latest blog which shows how music can help in the most unusual of circumstances. Quite lovely. Nice hair btw...


And now for something completely different and not inspirational at all but I don't really want to start another post for it, cos I'm working off line at work and don't want to have connect again during "core hours!" There were some acts that i had really high hopes for this year - The Modern, Alexis Strum, Lorraine and Protocol. The stars really seemed aligned for them - they were critically adored; bloggers loved them; they had the tunes to back it all up and all of them were scheduled to release debut albums... But then tragically none of them ever appeared. It's either moving on (alexis), changing your name (the modern - now The Matinee Club), retooling (am loving Protocols new acoustic-y sound) or just trying to find success (Lorraine). So I am giving up on them for now - but in the new year, I will start again, pretend to discover them for the first time and hope the rest of the record buying/downloading public has caught up by then...

MP3: Lorraine - I Feel It radio version
MP3: Alexis Strum - Bad Haircut
MP3: The Matinee Club - Surburban Culture
MP3: Protocol - Love Is My Drug (club edit)

Coming soon - the pipettes live concert review!!!

PS - yesterday I had by far my most amount of unique visitors ever, probably due to the Switch 22 post :) So if you haven't been here before, welcome! And come back soon!!


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Let's not have Pinkie overkill, kids. The backlash will be inevitable. No offense, Pinkie, that's just how fame goes...
    PinkieDust said...
    Ah my blog doesnt work! The text size is all over the place. The photos dont work. The files wont move. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!
    Its so annoying.

    Now its refusing to show any photos on popeatspop :( and the text is tiny. I am so NOT made out for this blogging thing!

    Alas, at least the pic works on your blog! And Yay! I'm famous...Thanks Paul for the kind comments(much appreciated as always) RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    I play the piano and did play the clarinet. I loved doing it. I can also play the recorder but cant everyone? I shall use the terms "uber-religious" & "Love of the bum thing" next time i have a couch session. It made me giggle in my celery sticks(Yuk, but i am tryin' to loose weight)

    If ya need any help on the TLM posting I'd be more than pleased to help. The italian versions are far more superior than the English one. They turn Ursurla into a evil bitchy queen(as in, it sounds like its sung by a man!)And italians just do it better. The way the italian Ursula says "I want..YOUR VOICE" is stunning.

    Justin Lanning reminds me of, gulp, of a long lost Scott-Lee brother. But his music is absolutely stunning. I wish i could sing like that.
    Paul said...
    dazpants can attest that i have got so stressed with blogger at times that i have had little tantrums. The shame. it gets easier as time goes on!

    i may well liaise with you on a little mermaid post pinkie! I'll let you know!

    the pipettes were brillo if brief live. So much fun. Review tomorrow if i can remember what happened!
    Poster Girl said...
    You always bring it with these MySpace artists--however you found him, Justin Lanning is quite good and he does, as you point out, have excellent popstar hair :) Can fame be far behind?

    (Loving how he is so considerate of his fans--featuring them and keeping them up to date on what's going on with him--that shows and means a lot!)
    Paul said...
    J'Ason - backlash is a wicked thing is it not?? I feel that i am the Steps of the blog world - i was quirky and fun to start with, then everyone got bored of me (cos i kept pissing off on holiday) but now they quite like me again ;) Lets hope i don't go the same way as H&Claire/Lisa Scott Lee etc :(

    Pinkie - how weird! I too played clarinet in school - in fact i was second clarinet in orchestra. That bitch Cheryl flower was always one step ahead of me in first chair. Grrrr...

    PPG - Ah, Justin's songs are quite lovely in the extreme. I hope he does well. He is only 20 as well!
    PinkieDust said...
    As a positive point Cheryl Flower is probably doing porn movies now with a name like that. Probably putting her clarinet skills to test no bet..
    PinkieDust said...
    and its still quite weird having that pic on your blog. I feelz like a popstar!
    PinkieDust said...
    Here is the stunning La Tua Voce(which means YOUR VOICE!). Its the Italian version of Poor Unfortunate Souls.

    Ursula petrifies the listener with her vocal delivery. She is waivering, fierce and evil. Gone is the showbiz/cruella di ville essence of the joyful american original. The italian ursula really is a troubled/disturbed individual. Her voice gets deeper and deeper as her plan to steal Ariels voice grows and grows. It helps that the singer actually sounds old, destroyed and ravaged.

    The way she orders to Ariel to sing..

    "CANTi! CANTI!!!! CANTI!"

    its thrilling and very chilling
    Paul said...
    pinkie - lol @ cheryl flower comment :) I will respond to little mermaid in full later!

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