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In 2000 after a few years silence, an album came out that to me was the perfect comeback album, one of my favourite albums of the artists career and a perfect example of polished classy pop to attack the charts with...

It would be easy to assume that I am talking about Kylie's "Light Years" - a seminal album by her that lit up the dancefloors of europe and australia, and provided her with the platform that would lead to world domination. But actually, its a far lesser known album i'm talking about.

MYOB was the second album by Deborah Gibson to be released on her own record label after Atlantic (and later SBK) decided they no longer wanted her on the books (fools!) It was a focused selection of 11 songs that ranged from dance/pop that shined down on you like a glistening glitter ball, to smooth AC to jazz tinged ballads about lost love and heartache. Not only did Deborah transcend style and trends, she created an album that would appeal across the board. However, I really feel this album would have been her Light Years if she had the promotional "oomph" behind her and found her a core gay audience in England had she come and toured the clubs. The title track MYOB told people to Mind Your Own Business (i've posted it before here) when it came to who you are in love with/sleeping with, while dance hit Your Secret (actually written about a married man from the view point of a mistress) could easily be about a gay boy and his closeted lover. Jaded touches on the heartaches that difficult relationships can bring while Chynna Phillips (of Wilson...) co-penned Wishing you Were Here is transformed by a radio remix from a gentle AC chugger into a disco frenzied declaration of lust.

Anyone who reads this site knows I am a huge fan (and you can check out previous posts here, here , here, here er and here) but even if Ms Gibson is not your thing, this is one perfect pop album worth checking out.


Deborah Gibson official site

MYspace site



With All My Heart (not on album but should have been!)
What you Want (pop Mix One)
Your Secret (Hot Radio Mix)

Wishing You Were here (radio remix)


  1. Poster Girl said...

    I liked "Say Goodbye" a good deal, but these are great.

    I'll probably write more later, once I've digested the amazingness (Wishing You Were Here is already on my mp3-player-of-choice).

    (Sorry, I'm not very eloquent today :) )
    Paul said...
    i'm glad you like them - i really do think its a great album that should have done better than it did...i still think it could be released today and do well...
    J'ason D'luv said...
    You know, I'm not big on remixes at all, but one of my fave tunes from fall of '97 was the Junior Vasquez mix of "Only Words."
    Paul said...
    ooo good tune - my fellow deb fan and good friend Paul loves all her dance mixes but i'm more a fan of the ballady stuff (but not averse to kicking up my heals on the dancefloor either...)

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